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Romo to the rescue


I was wondering how we got the cap space to get both Terence Newman and Marion Barber signed. We only had $3.5 million under the cap. Turns out it was Tony Romo to the rescue.

The quarterback agreed to restructure his contract, but it didn't cost him a penny. In fact, it put some money in his pocket now instead of later. The Cowboys turned Romo's $6.5 million base salary into signing bonus, dropping the 2008 base salary to $605,000.

Instead of carrying a cap figure of $8.416 million this year, Romo's new cap number is almost $3.5 million, hence a saving of about $5 million and enough room to get Newman and Barber done and then some when added to the roughly $3.5 million they already had.


Check out BTB-regular grapejoos’ FanPost on the Cowboys keeping their own players and keeping the ones they should keep, most of the time.


Tuna Helper told us about Michael Irvin’s suggestion that all the rookies should visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Cowboys players are going on June 13th with the Green Bay and Philadelphia players. 


I put up the new Featured Poll that you guys requested. Go vote in the right-hand column.

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