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Dallas Cowboys OTA roundup

The press had access today to the Dallas Cowboys OTA at Valley Ranch and some interesting news came out during their time with the team.

Tony Romo wasn't the only one who restructured his contract for the good of the team. Turns out that Leonard Davis also did his part .

Romo and Davis restructured their contracts to make room for Barber and Newman. The Cowboys turned the base salaries from this season and next season into upfront bonuses for Romo and Davis.

In doing so, the Cowboys saved $3 million on the salary cap this year and $8 million on the salary cap in 2009.


Terry Glenn won't participate in any on field activities until training camp.

But Terry Glenn and the Cowboys' brass don't believe it's in anybody's best interests to test his surgically repaired knee during OTAs, which are basically teaching sessions. As a result, the plan is for Glenn to continue to sit out these sessions.


The Cowboys are excited about their cornerback  situation this year, especially with rookie Mike Jenkins making some nice plays.

Jenkins made a spectacular interception on a deep ball to Isaiah Stanback minutes earlier, forcing Stanback to the sideline and leaping to catch the ball at its highest point.

There is a lot of talk around these parts about how much more flexibility the Cowboys will have with their defensive calls because of the cornerback depth. That requires the rookies to be ready to contribute right away, and the veterans plan to do their part to make sure that happens.

It most be noted that Jenkins also got beat by Crayton pretty badly on a fly route. Also, Orlando Scandrick has an eye infection and won't participate this week.


It turns out that Tank Johnson has taken Pacman under his wing.

"It's been good," Tank said of Pacman's recent arrival. "I think he can see (a personal turnaround) is possible. No matter how bad a situation you come from, you can still come out doing well and being successful."


"I see a dude who knows he's on his last straw," Tank said. "It's kind of like I was and he's a dude who wants to prove everybody wrong and wants to get back on the field and be implemented into a family again."


Jerry Jones makes an interesting comment about the possibility of Pacman lining up on the offensive side of the ball.

"I think potentially we could get some of those offensive plays that Adam 'Pacman' Jones ran over at Tennessee - he had 15, 20 of them, got in the slot. That could help us there too."


Terrell Owens has historically caused an uproar over his contract extensions (or lack thereof) but the new T.O. understands that Jerry will take care of him as long as he produces.

Owens wants to remain with the Cowboys beyond this contract, but he is not pushing for a deal. Even though he is growing older, he does not believe it’s an issue and is not an excuse for decreased productivity.

“As long as I’m healthy,” Owens said. “That’s the key -- as long as you stay healthy. I think what I’ve done throughout the course of my career, as far as my workout regimen, that helps me. I feel young despite my age. I think a lot of people will throw that in the mix. But I’m not worried about that.”

A hat tip to the DMN blog for excellent coverage of the OTAs today.

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