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Dallas Cowboys random articles


Mickey Spags gives his thoughts on OTA’s in general and this past week’s at Valley Ranch. Not a whole lot new in there but some fun reading anyway.


If Pacman is reinstated, our secondary is going to be very deep. checks it out.

"It's still early, but as far as talent-wise I'd say you're hard-pressed to find a better-talented secondary in the league," Newman said. "Talent-wise, not going out and playing right now. But as far as just athletic ability, we've got tops in the league for sure."

I can’t help but get excited about the idea that our pass defense might actually be a strength. The Cowboys added stability to that secondary by extending Terence Newman, and it turns out that age wasn’t factor in the decision .  


Check it out, T.O. was asked to be on Dancing with the Stars before Jason Taylor. but turned it down.  


A Jason Witten interview. 

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