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More trouble finds Pacman Jones


Oh Pacman. Will it never cease? Here we have our corner’s name in the news again, and it’s never for the right reasons. Out in Las Vegas, they aren’t happy that Pacman owes some money and hasn’t paid it back yet. 

The district attorney’s office is seeking a felony arrest warrant for suspended NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones for failing to repay $20,000 in gambling debts to Caesars Palace.

Felony arrest warrant? That doesn’t sound good. And it won’t sound good to Goodell either. Luckily, it hasn’t been signed yet so they still have time to rectify the problem.

Las Vegas attorney Robert Langford, who represents Jones, said he was “pretty damn surprised” to hear that the district attorney was moving forward with the criminal case.

“I thought we were working it out,” Langford said. “He (Jones) hasn’t been playing football, so he hasn’t been able to pay it back.”

That’s a sorry excuse if I ever heard one. It should have already been taking care of, like before the possibly of criminal charges are filed. Now, even if they pay off the debt, there’s still a possibility they won’t drop the charges.

Roger, however, said it was premature to say whether his office would drop the criminal case if Jones repays Caesars Palace.

“We’ve given him a lot of latitude to make restitution, and he has failed to do so,” Roger said. ”And he has another case pending in the criminal justice system.”

C’mon Team Pacman, you got to see these things coming and get on top of it. Stupid stuff like this could be the thing that keeps Pacman off the field for more time. Goodell ain’t playing!

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