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Short shots for a holiday weekend.

Team Pacman took care of his gambling debt. Here’s my final word on this dust-up. It should never get to the point where it’s even remotely an issue. The NFL says it's looking into it. That’s just a little more negative time Roger Goodell spends on Pacman’s reinstatement. Keep the nose clean, Team Pac, even from minor disturbances like this one. All it took was to mail a check and don’t give me any poorhouse excuses.

More on Terry Glenn who has become a hot topic over the last week. 

 MB3 cashed in on a big contract this week and earlier this offseason he joined another list of even more select Cowboys. 

It is being called the "Marion Barber Rule", but its namesake doesn’t know anything about it

 Yup, MB3 has joined the ranks of Dallas Cowboys who have had a rule or penalty named after them. MB3 has a very practical solution to the rule that disallows throwing violent stiff-arms to the face of defenders, now a 15-yard hands-to-the-face penalty.

“Then, I’m going to use the elbow,” Barber said, jokingly, before adding, “I didn’t even know. I’m going to have to read up on it. So you can’t stiff arm at all? What about the throat?”

What about the throat? Ha!

I couldn’t remember all the rules and penalties named after Cowboys, so I used Wikipedia .

Deion Sanders rule -- Player salary rule which correlates a contract's signing bonus with its yearly salary. Enacted after Deion Sanders signed with the Dallas Cowboys in 1995 for a minimum salary and a $13 million signing bonus. (There is also a college football rule with this nickname.)

Emmitt Smith rule -- A player cannot remove his helmet while on the field of play, except in the case of obvious medical difficulty. A violation is treated as unsportsmanlike conduct. Enacted in 1997.

Erik Williams rule -- no hands to the facemask by offensive linemen.

Mel Renfro rule -- allows a second player on the offense to catch a tipped ball, without a defender subsequently touching it. Enacted in 1978.

Michael Irvin rule -- no taunting. Another rule, resulting in offensive pass interference, prohibiting WRs to push off CBs, is also often called "the Michael Irvin rule."

Roy Williams rule -- no horse-collar tackles. Enacted in 2005 when Williams broke Terrell Owens's ankle and Musa Smith's leg on horse-collar tackles during the previous season.

Terrell Owens rule -- no "foreign objects" on a player's uniform (enacted in response to the 2002 "Sharpie incident"), though existing rules already forbade this.

Tony Romo rule -- teams will now be given 45 minutes - 25 extra minutes than in years past - to prepare the balls for the game; and 12 sequentially numbered "K" balls will be used in the game, monitored by an official, instead of the ball boys. Enacted in 2007.

Someone needs to add the Marion Barber rule.

BTB-regular 5Blings has a good FanPost about the upcoming season. Go check it out and drop him a comment. I only have one problem with the post and that’s The Season of Wade. It sounds too much like The Summer of George, and it never turns out well for George

Finally since it’s a holiday weekend, and because BTB-regular Impatient has noted that he’s impatient with all the negativity lately, I give you a dose of positivity!

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