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The Dallas Cowboys don't need another big-play receiver

There’s a fairly common phenomenon in bars and clubs all over the world.

There’s the guy who’s eyeing the cute girl in the corner. No not this girl. He strolls over and starts to chit-chat with her. Maybe he even tries to buy her a drink. After he takes the hint that she’s not interested he can deal with it in three ways – graciously, sheepishly or like a jerk. Usually, I find it’s the last option. She wasn’t that cute anyway!

After an offseason of being rebuffed in their attempts to acquire Javon Walker, Anquan Boldin and Roy Williams seems like the DMN Blog is not taking the rejection lightly. They argue we already have the solution to our No. 2 receiver problems. We don’t need no stinkin’ No. 2 receiver!

Apparently, Patrick Crayton’s numbers last year are comparable with No. 2 receivers on Super Bowl winners dating back to Kevin Williams in 1995, if not better. The argument grows stronger if Terry Glenn returns anywhere near to the form he displayed in previous years.

Yeah man. Who needs Ocho Cinco? And next time buy your own damn drink!

Dr. Z's article 
on debating the Hall of Fame credentials of certain candidates can be summed up in a few words: what does Ron Wolf think? I think the world of Ron Wolf. So does Billy P. So do a lot of people. He’s a good source to have. But I just hate one-source stories. Seems a bit lazy. But then again this is coming from the guy that doesn’t post everyday so take that with a grain a salt. It’s like the pot calling the kettle Flavor Flav.

The scarcity of sources in the article doesn’t negate the quality of Wolf’s opinion and the valuable context he provides. Dr. Z runs a couple of names by Wolf who Wolf and I both agree should be in the HOF: Shannon Sharpe and Rod Woodson. Wolf disagrees on some names I think are worth consideration like Terrell Davis, Karl Mecklenburg and Steve Atwater.

One name we both agree on though is Darren Woodson. Wolf is a big fan.

"Played a unique position for the Cowboys. Did everything a safetyman had to do, strongside or weak. Hell of a special teamer, too. Yes, a terrific player, a Hall of Famer."

Wolf believes Woodson is on equal footing as players such as Lester Hayes of the Raiders, Albert Lewis who played for the Chiefs and Raiders and LeRoy Butler of the Packers. They should all get in the Hall of Fame.

"Why isn't (Hayes) in the Hall of Fame? Then Lewis, really smooth, almost a perfect cornerback. Then Butler, who I really have a special affinity for. As a strong safety, he and Darren Woodson were players who dominated. Could play the run, play the pass, really good tackler, effective blitzer, could set the defenses. Those Packer teams were really his teams.

Hells yeah! If Woody doesn’t get into the HOF it’s a travesty, a sham and a mockery. It’s a traves-sham-ockery!

Gestapo Goodell is at it again.

I joke around with Goodell’s arbitrary policies but I do think his stances have been warranted in some instances. There are some NFL players that are out-of-control. Not this out-of-control though. I just don’t think it’s a big as problem as some make it out to be and I think agendas are pushing his actions as opposed to facts. I’m not a fan of Goodell but he’s made some good decisions: the Tank suspension and reinstatement and streamlining of the NFL Draft are just two that come to mind.

This time Goodell is aiming at the fans.

Now he’s planning on implementing a fan conduct policy. 

My first thoughts were, "Wow. No more games in Philly or Oakland." But my second thought was, "Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea." My third thought was, "How are the fans going to take this?"

On some levels, fan conduct has become unacceptable. I live in Northern California and I know people that are literally SCARED to go to Raider games. I witnessed firsthand the following behavior: urinating on opposing fans in bathrooms, attacking buses with opposing fans, pouring beer on opposing fans, fondling of opposing fans’ girlfriends and significant others. Needless to say this didn’t happen to me or I’d be blogging from the inside of a prison library, if that’s even possible. So there is anecdotal evidence that there’s a need to address this behavior.

But how are fans going to react to this? Will they accept it? How different is this policy from the current one? Is the prospect of losing alcohol privileges worth a few rowdy fans getting tossed? How is the league going to enforce this policy? Won’t that give somebody an awful lot of discretion on whether to eject a fan who’s paid well-earned money for his or her tickets? Are fans willing to sacrifice like so many want athletes to do? We seem fine with certain athletes having their livelihoods taken because of criminal conduct. Are fans willing to give someone the power to humiliate them and snatch a valuable commodity from them at a moments notice?

I don’t know. My rule of thumb is to not start talking trash until talked trash to. Then it’s on. But there are boundaries like physical touch, pushing, disrespect and just being ridiculously obnoxious. These should not be crossed. All of these can lead to a buttwhippin’ but this is the absolute and very last option. I’d much rather watch, cheer and clap for my ‘Boys then go to jail because some nitwit wants to escalate an argument. It would help if there was an increased presence of security at the game to help enforce these unspoken rules.

That being said, I’m interested in how this plays out. Fans want sacrifices from players and owners, but there’s always been, in my opinion, an unspoken rule that fans are kinda off-limits. We pay high prices for tickets and concessions, fight through insane traffic to get to games and forgive and forget transgressions on and off-the-field. But this is the first time in a while that the league has made a direct demand on the fans.

Your move Goodell.

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