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Terence Newman takes a few shots at Roy Williams


Roy Williams, the Human Pinata. Darren Woodson explains

"There's been so much negative press about Roy the last two years," Woodson said. "And Roy is a sensitive guy. I knew he's reading the papers, and they're blasting him. It's a hypersensitive situation."

Old Roy has been getting whacked around pretty good. Especially over the last month, ever since his disastrous comments about not wanting the ball thrown his way in certain situations and a pretty detailed account of his own struggles in coverage. He basically said he’s guessing a lot of the time and that when he’s alone on a receiver it could be trouble. He didn’t say it in those exact words, but that sure sounded like the meaning of what he said.

After that, Greg Ellis tried to come to his defense and made the situation even worse by implying Roy is isolating himself from his teammates and noting Roy’s lack of confidence that he can fit into this 3-4 scheme.

Now comes Terence Newman, speaking what he sees as the truth, but again, something that should be left in the locker room. BTB’s good friend DCFanatic dropped the video on us in this FanPost . In it, Newman says Roy has a "deer in the headlights" look on some plays, that he had a bad year in coverage in 2007 and that he knows what he has to work on, one thing being his weight. Yikes T-New, talk about a circular firing squad. The Cowboys really need to get out of the business of talking about each other unless it’s going to be positive. It’s one thing for the media and fans to rip a player, but teammates need to refrain. No matter if it is the truth, for the sake of team chemistry, keep it buttoned up. If talking about teammates with a negative connotation spills out to other players besides Roy, you could end up with a divided locker room. HBO's Hard Knocks certainly wouldn't complain.


This video from is a great view of the new stadium.

Mmmm, beer.

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