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Would the Cowboys cut Terry Glenn?


Good times out at the Ranch, huh? Like I always say, if you’re a fan of the Cowboys at least it will never be boring. Roy Williams can thank Greg Ellis and Terry Glenn for getting him out of the news temporarily.

So the Cowboys want to protect themselves, which really means they want to save some money, if Terry Glenn injures his injured knee again. They want to give him $500,000 instead of $1.7 million if he goes on IR with a right knee injury. Anything else, including IR with any other injury, and he collects it all. If I was Terry Glenn I probably wouldn’t sign that either. Why would I? Unless, and here’s where it gets interesting, there was a real threat they would just cut me if I didn’t. Otherwise, why ask a player to do that? I mean, maybe Terry will end up being the ultimate good-guy here and go for a deal like that, but if I was him, and I didn’t think they would actually cut me, I would just stick with my original deal.

The question is: how serious are the Cowboys about getting this injury waiver signed, and are they willing to carry out the end-game if necessary? For all their pronouncements about how well Terry has been doing with his knee, asking him to do this sure smells like they don’t really believe he will make it all the way through the season.

Could they really be ready to cut Glenn? I know I’m reading down the line a bit on this one, but if the Cowboys are serious about getting this concession from Glenn, they are probably going to reach that ultimate decision point on his future sometime soon. They may have to present that option to get Glenn to re-do his deal.

Now with Greg Ellis, this has become old hat. The best I can get out of the media reports is that the Cowboys told Ellis they were going to give a lot of the practice reps to Anthony Spencer and use him sparingly as a pass rush guy, ostensibly to get Spencer more ready for the big time. Wade says Ellis is still the starter, but you know Ellis, he decided to take at least a couple of OTA’s off in protest. Only the Capistrano Swallows are this regular. I guess we shouldn’t worry about it because Greg always seems to come around after belly-aching, even if it costs and extra $2 million or so. Seriously, I still like his play on the field, but this is getting kind of sad. Every year, the same thing, the same kind of complaints.

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