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Jones, Scandrick and Amendola star at Cowboys rookie camp

The DMN blog calls it for Felix Jones, Orlando Scandrick and Danny Amendola as the three stars of the rookie mini-camp.


Emmitt Smith sets a high-bar for Pacman Jones' rehabilitation. 

"As long as you're not killing anybody, getting anybody shot at and going to jail, then I don't have any issues," said Smith, NFL career rushing leader. The former star running back for Dallas was visiting Cowboys rookie minicamp Saturday.

 Ha! All you have to do is not commit any felonies and you’re A-OK with Emmitt. No word on misdemeanors, though.


The Wade Watch is already on for Don Banks at 

I could be wrong about this, but Cowboys offensive coordinator and heir apparent head coach Jason Garrett seemed to be the only Dallas assistant who occupied a seat full-time in the team's war room during the draft. The rest of the Cowboys' assistant staff rotated in and out of the room throughout the weekend.

Just another indication that Dallas head coach Wade Phillips is probably what amounts to a well-paid seat warmer in '08.


I went with El Gato as a nickname for Felix Jones. Hey, it’s got to be better than what Jerry Jones said about him.

He talked about his decision to choose Arkansas running back Felix Jones over Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall, saying he "didn't blink" when it came time to make the pick. In an awkward moment, Jerry began describing Jones' posterior, saying he had a nice "bubble butt."

No, Bubble Butt just won’t do.

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