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Big drama in Big D

Everybody’s talking about the guys who aren’t at the OTA’s. All kinds of drama breaking out at the Ranch.

Mickey Spags goes deep into the subject . But the part that was most interesting to me concerned the case of Terry Glenn. So far, he’s not budging on signing the injury waiver contract and this isn’t something new.

[Glenn's] saying no way, and this is not some recent rejection. These talks have been going on for nearly a month. 

So, and I know guys have pride, but wondering if Glenn has asked himself this: If outright released, who out there would take a look at that knee and pass him on a physical, and if they did, guarantee him more money? What kind of insurance advice is he getting? Well, maybe none, because I see it's been reported he has fired his agent. 

The question is: is Dallas threatening Glenn with outright release? That was the point I was making in yesterday’s post. Think of it this way: if your boss came to you and said we want you to take a potentially huge pay cut this year, but if you don’t take it, no big deal, nothing will happen to you - would you take that deal? Almost no one would, why take a risk if you don’t have to. Now, if your boss asked the same thing but said if you don’t take the deal we’re going to fire you, then you’d have a decision to make. This is a more concise way of encapsulating what I was trying to write yesterday. Unless the Cowboys are ready to threaten Glenn with release, why would he even consider the contract? In my mind, they have to be thinking about it or else they probably would never have brought up the injury contract in the first place. I’m just saying.

Spags had plenty to say about Greg Ellis (and some Ken Hamlin), and if that’s not enough for you, check out Nick Eatman here, and Matt Mosley here.


For happier news, check out this article about special teams.  We all talked about how much speed this team picked up in the draft. Some of it should come into play in the return game.

"With Felix, for sure, and hopefully with the addition of Pacman, it would be great," special teams coach Bruce Read said. "I'm excited about both of those guys."

John Clayton says Jerry and the Boys are in good shape for an uncapped year in 2010. 

Over at Yahoo Sports they got a lot of Cowboys stuff on the front page.


Some of you sent me an email about this post at another blog. I can affirm one thing just by looking at #38 on the list, there’s no way this can be right.  

Hey, KFFL gives SB Nation a little love. 

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