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Friday afternoon Cowboys reading material

I’ve been checking out some of Kevin Burnett’s posts over at his DMN blog. Some of his stuff is pretty interesting but they really need to get an editor involved. Burnett writes well enough but the formatting isn’t making it an easy read. Still, an admirable job by Burnett for posting a little more than just the regular drivel contained on many athlete’s blogs. Keep it up Kevin and welcome to the blogging world.

Here’s a post from Burnett about the Cover-2 and is also a defense of Roy Williams. Hey, every other blogger is talking about Roy, so why not Burnett?


You got to give it to Mike Florio over at, he’s perisistant about the Cowboys trading for a WR after June 1st. The following is contained in a post about Roy Williams, the Lions one, missing their OTA's.

The most notable name on the list is [Roy] Williams, who is entering the final year of his contract and who has been linked to trade rumors for much of the offseason.  With the Cowboys possibly inclined to trade their own Roy Williams after June 1, could a Roy Williams for Roy Williams swap be in the offing?

Hey, I wouldn’t mind that but I just find it hard to believe.


Pat Kirwan says the NFC East is so tough they’ll beat each other up. 

The NFC East is brutal and there are questions surrounding DB Roy Williams, as well as the second wide receiver and possibly the nose tackle positions. My fear for the Cowboys is the same worry I have for the Giants, Eagles and Redskins. They may cannibalize themselves during the season leaving very little for the deep playoff run.


I usually don’t go for a lot of the new stats being built up around the game of football. Some of them are OK, but football is not baseball, not everything can be reduced to stats because of the team aspect vs. the individual aspect. But I thought this was interesting from a KC Joyner article. He charts each NFL team's defense and their ability to force the offense to make a bad decision. He has his own formula for doing this. The Cowboys ended up a lowly #26. Joyner offers this explanation.

Another team I was rather surprised to see rank low was the Cowboys. Part of their problem is the numbers say they don't disguise their coverages very well. Only two of Dallas' 15 forced bad decisions came as a result of the opposing quarterback not seeing a defender in the passing lane, a total that left the Boys tied for 23rd in the league. This may be a direct result of Wade Phillips' credo of always rushing four or five players and not leaving many defenders in areas to bait passers into making mistakes.


Hashmarks is noting the notable injuries in each division. Here’s the NFC East. Our notable injury is Terry Glenn and here is what they think the next step should be.

Next step: Right now, Glenn is basically locked out of Valley Ranch. The logical next step is for he and the Cowboys to find some common ground. He might be willing to sign an agreement for somewhere in the $1 million range. If the sides reach an understanding, Glenn would be penciled in as the No. 2 wide receiver.


Speaking of #2 receivers, the Breerman has some stats that back up what a lot of us have been saying for a while. Patrick Crayton isn’t our #2 receiver, Jason Witten holds that distinction.

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