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Jason Taylor to Dallas?


BTB-regular N41D notes in the comments that Adam Schefter thinks the Cowboys could look at the idea of acquiring Jason Taylor. I found this article from Schefter over at which has five potential landing spots for Taylor.

Dallas –- Of all the potential landing spots, none is more intriguing than Dallas. It is a longshot, granted, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones never can be ruled out. The Cowboys have debated the merits of trading for Taylor and they already hold additional draft picks in 2009 -– Cleveland’s in the third round, Detroit’s in the fourth. Dallas could decide to package picks and/or a disgruntled player such as defensive end Greg Ellis or safety Roy Williams that former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells knows well. Dallas knows its loaded at defensive end now with Ellis, DeMarcus Ware and last year’s first-round pick, Anthony Spencer. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones never bypasses big-name, talented players such as Taylor. He has thought about the possibility of Taylor in Dallas and, despite the long odds, could wind up taking action.

Interesting. With the deep connection between the Dolphins organization and Cowboys organization, I guess you can't rule anything out right now.

Todd Archer weighs in on the economics of a potential Ellis for Taylor swap. 

In general theory I would do that deal. If we could re-structure Taylor's contract and give up a lower round draft pick, i.e. not first day. Taylor is a terror on defense, two years ago he was the Defensive Player of the Year. He's chafing under Parcells regimented rule, just like T.O. did here. In fact, both those guys are similar in one respect, they have the star-power to go Hollywood, and Parcells doesn't do Hollywood. But Jerry Jones does and Taylor would have the opportunity to shoot for a Super Bowl, something he's not going to get in Miami. I could see a highly-motivated Jason Taylor dedicating the next couple of years towards grabbing a ring in the twilight of his career.

But really, I think we're engaged in idle speculation, I don't expect any kind of trade to go down.

Schefter also talks a little Pacman Jones stuff.

Look for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision on whether to reinstate Adam "Pacman" Jones to come any day -- and quite possibly the week of June 2.


The feeling out of Dallas is one of optimism. If Jones is reinstated, the Cowboys will have an extensive monitoring program in place for the cornerback. They will be working closely with him on where to live, how to live, doing everything possible to give him every tool to get his life and career back on track.

You can also hear Schefter talk about Pacman in this video.  


More from Kevin Burnett. If you want battle Burnett in Madden, he tells you how.

KB: Yes I do play madden. Any challengers catch me online kb357.

Also, we’re going to get a class in 3-4 defense and spotlight on the nosetackle.

KB: This weekend I will break down the 3-4 vs the 4-3 and I will talk about the importance of great nosetackle play.

Not only that, but Burnett is going to do some video blogging and school us all on the mystery that is Roy.


Here’s a long article on the construction of Jerry World. 

Zach Thomas gets more ink.  

Vandershank found a job.  

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