Thinking About CB's

From a previous thread, I was thinking about who I would rate as having the best corps of CB's in the NFL. Dallas has a CB that surely ranks as one of the top 5 in the NFC, but how do they rate when you add Anthony Henry, a pair of rookies and potentially Pac Man (who hasn't hit anything other than an exotic dancer in the last 18 months) to the mix? Anyway, here's where I landed;

1. Raiders: It is hard to argue (although I am sure some will) with the combo of Asomugha and Hall. Getting Hall may be the best offseason move of any team. If they can generate any pressure up front, watch out.

2. Eagles: I know, you're yelling at me...calling me names...I know. But hang on, Lito Sheppard is a highly regarded pro bowler (surely a top 15 CB) and Asante Samuel's accomlishments are irrefutable, evidence his new paycheck. How many teams have two young pro bowlers starting at CB? Oakland and Philly. I still think (hope) Lito will get traded, but time will tell.

3. Chargers: Antonio Cromartie is the total package and won't be tested nearly as much as last year. Quentin Jammer has quietly become a very solid cover guy and is a sure tackler. First round pick was CB Antoine Cason. Scary.

4. Seahawks: Now you're just pounding your keyboard on the desk. Okay, I get it, but before you damage your Commodore 64, think about this; Trufant led the conference in INT's last year on a team with a far lesser pass rush than Dallas'. Even if you think Newman edges Trufant out (which most Cowboys fans do and most fans of other teams do not), Kelly Jennings is a CB with lockdown ability and far more upside than Anthony Henry. Remember, CORPS of CB's.

5. Broncos: Champ is still THE best CB in the game. Anyone that really watches how he shadows, flips his hips effortlessly and stays tight on short, intermediate and deep routes knows this. Dre Bly is good, but the Bronco pass rush looks a lot like the one we generated when Ebenezer Ekuban (remember him?) was our #1 edge rusher. Bly gets beat on double moves and QB's have plenty of time to let them develop. Karl Paymah is an old school big hitter and fun to watch him throw his body around.

6. Cowboys: Um, yay? Look, for years, this was our achiliies heel. In fact, because of injuries and inconsistent play at the #2 and #3 CB spots (repeat after me; I will not bash Roy Williams...I will not bash Roy Williams), this was again a weakness on the defense. If you consider the number of sacks and QB pressures we had last year, to not have significantly more turnovers and far fewer 3rd down conversions is a travesty. Henry was very average even when he was healthy and he may be a liability against smaller, quicker WR's that forces us look at him as a FS candidate. Our #3 CB, whoever it is, has either not played an NFL down before, or is completely out of shape after 18 months of XBOX 360. C'mon, put the objective hat on. This team has some questions at  CB that need to be answered.  

7. Vikings: Winfield good, Gordon not so much.

8. Jaguars: Mathis is in my top 10 CB list. Drayton Florence is best known for being stupid, but plays with aggression.

9. Packers: Al Harris...Charles Woodson. They should be better than they are, but as you get older, your hips tighten up. They are 33 and 31, respectively. Nuff' said.

10: Ken Lucas is very good and Chris Gamble can shadow. Richard Marshall has upside.   

Okay, enough about what I think, now it's your turn...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.