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Dallas Cowboys link dump

Backup QB Richard Bartel gets some digital ink. Turns out the KC Chiefs wanted to put him on their active roster at the end of last season but Bartel decided to stay put.

"It was nice to know you're wanted," said Bartel, a Grapevine High School graduate. "You want to compete, and they were offering that, but what made the decision easy was the organization kind of affirming me and telling me I'm doing a good job here, and if I do the things I'd been doing, I may have a shot to stay."

You guys have heard my complaint about Bartel always throwing long in camp last year. The Cowboys have been working with him on that

What first caught the Cowboys' attention last year was Bartel's arm strength, but [Wade] Wilson has worked on Bartel's touch on shorter throws. The next part of his growth will be decision making.


More on the Cowboys suddenly full running back position. 


Peter King ranks us as the #4 team in the NFL right now. 

4. Dallas. The Cowboys still need a receiver; the thought of Patrick Crayton playing crunch-time minutes in a playoff game has to be a nightmare to any Cowboy fan. But there's not much else they need to win the NFC.

I'm assuming Pacman Jones will be reinstated, though I have no inside information; and if he does play, he'll be a huge threat on the other side of Terence Newman. If he doesn't, rookie Mike Jenkins' development will have to progress faster than Wade Phillips would like. Otherwise, the Cowboys haven't changed much. Explosive offense with a power running game, pressure defense with what could be a much better secondary. That's how you win in the NFL.

Still need a receiver? Wade Phillips says we don’t need no stinkin’ new receiver.


Martellus Bennett trades basketball dreams for football glory. 


Also, we need some FanPosts from you here on BTB. We've only had one in the past few days and that was about the Dallas Stars! I know you guys got some things to say, let's get the FanPosts rolling again.

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