Coach Wade's Status After this Season

Let me preface this by saying that I was not a big fan of the hiring of Wade Philips in the first place.  Though I do have to say his laid back personality may have been the best thing for the team after Parcell's iron-fisted rule.  He's a great defensive mind, but he seems more like the Campo/Switzer type coach than the Jimmy Johnson/Tom Landry kind of guy who inspires confidence from the fans and the players.

My view now is that Wade just might be gone after this season regardless of whether he wins or loses in the playoffs this year.  Wade's for sure gone if we miss the playoffs, and the odds are good that he'll be gone if we have another first round loss.

If we have success, other teams are going to come calling for Garrett.  I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather push Wade out the door to keep Garrett, especially when you consider that Wade may only be coaching for another couple of years.  I believe Wade's contract is up after this year anyway (with an option for a third year), so maybe we just don't renew.  I'm just curious as to what everyone else thinks about this.

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