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Rick Gosselin picks Dallas Cowboys to go to Super Bowl

Draft guru Rick Gosselin has a fascinating article on the DMN discussing his critically acclaimed draft formula. He explains the average draft grade this year is the best he’s ever had, meaning teams reached a lot less and got value for the picks they had.

Gosselin also throws out a few good nuggets about the Cowboys. Of the top players at each position that went undrafted this year, the ‘Boys signed two them: defensive end Darrell Robertson of Georgia Tech and punter Jay Ottovegio of Stanford. The NFL is now requiring all of its teams to send their rookies to Canton for a day to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This requirement was based on a suggestion by the one and only Michael Irvin.

The purpose is to educate the newcomers on the NFL's glorious past and impress upon them the opportunity they have to contribute in a positive way to the game's legacy. A few of the teams plan to send one of its Hall of Famers along as an escort and tour guide for the rookies.

Although the name "Michael Irvin" and "escort" brings up some very bad memories, I will say this was an awesome suggestion by the Playmaker. I hope he’s the tour guide and injects some of his passion into our rookie class.

Gosselin doesn’t stop there though. His early Super Bowl prediction is … drumroll please … the Jaguars and the Cowboys!

The Cowboys improved in the draft on special teams, selecting elite college returnmen Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins, and the Jaguars improved their pass rush. I thought there were four elite edge rushers in this draft, and Jacksonville landed two of them in Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves.

Heck yeah. I still haven’t forgot the first loss of the T.O. era, Duval County.


Martellus Bennett is 6-6 and 260. This means he’s almost as tall and bigger than Brandon Bass and as a basketball player may had dreams to replace him one day. But turns out he’s already committed.

"Football is my wife, and basketball will always be my mistress."

This leads me to my next point: this guy gives great copy. It’s a term some people use to describe a player who’s filled with interesting quotes that make stories better. Patrick Crayton was that guy last year. Tom Orsborn at the Express News seems to think Bennett can be that guy this year

Second-round pick Martellus Bennett has all the makings of a go-to guy as a pro — in the locker room for reporters and in the red zone for the Dallas Cowboys.

The loquacious tight end from Texas A&M filled up notebooks and tape recorders at rookie camp last weekend with such gems as:

•"The Cowboys star is kind of like the North Star in that it gives people direction."

•"Nah, man, I got hit in the kids."

Bennett issued that last quote after being asked why he limped after making a catch on a seam route.

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