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Something good about Roy Williams


Since Roy Williams seems to be getting a lot of negative publicity over the last week or so, I decided to post something positive for the man Cowboys fans love to hate. Roy’s charity foundation goes all out for select groups of mothers on Mother’s Day.

This year Williams is planning something bigger with a spa day, where a group of women will be pampered with manicures and massages while their kids will be have fun at a go-kart racing track.

"Sometimes I can go a little crazy, but it just makes me so happy to see their faces," says Williams. "You have to respect the moms for Mother's Day."

The article also talks with Roy’s mom.

Meanwhile, over at the DMN blog Calvin Watkins has a post talking all about Roy

Ok, I think everybody knows Roy Williams isn't going to another team. The Cowboys are not going to cut him. So let's stop this Roy Williams needs to go blog posts. They are really stupid.

Hey, Watkins said that, not me. Another nugget about whether Roy can revive his game this year.

Can he? Yes. Two opposing coaches told me they would take Williams in a minute if he were on the open market. Williams, however, needs to play much better in this 3-4 scheme. He has to study his playbook more, come in much better shape, and attack defenders. The scheme is not the problem. DeMarcus Ware, Ken Hamlin, Anthony Henry and Ellis had no problems with it.

And the defensive coaches need to stop babying him. I thought they did a lot of that last year. Dave Campo is no babysitter and that will probably help Williams more than anything else. Williams needs to be challenged.


My city paper has a nice article about Tashard Choice. It’s worth a read and talks about the budding relationship between Choice and El Gato.

"We have a good relationship," Felix Jones said. "We met at the [NFL scouting] combine and clicked. He's somebody I can talk to and relate to. We're going through the same thing. We're going to compete out there on the field but in the locker room, we're friends and we'll communicate. We talk about things."


This is a weird article. It’s about people who want their ashes spread at sports sites after they’re dead. It includes a Cowboys reference.

[Al] Everest's namesake uncle Al, was a big Cowboy fan and knew his football-oriented family — his brother Andy was a coach and his nephews played and coached football — would always think of him when they saw Texas Stadium if his ashes were scattered there.

"I'd had his ashes for a couple of years and my sister Kathy and brother Tom finally decided to do something about it," Al Everest said. "There might have been some liquid refreshment involved, but they took Uncle Al's ashes to the stadium and scattered them on the flowers outside the gate. It worked: I never see the Cowboys but what I think of Uncle Al."

What do the Cowboys think of such practices?

"It probably happens and we sort of turn a blind eye if people are discreet," said Rich Dalrymple, spokesman for the Dallas Cowboys. "But we don't really feel it's appropriate. And besides, these things have a way of turning into elaborate ceremonies and we don't want a stream of hearses pulling up to the stadium."

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