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Dallas Cowboys Friday night musings

Nick Eatman has a really good article over at that covers some wide ranging topics. He has some interesting views on a few of the recent happenings in the Dallas Cowboys universe.

On Pacman Jones and his reinstatement:

My take on that is Goodell needs to lighten up here at some point. Sure, he's trying to show he's the sheriff in town and all that. OK, I get it. But at some point, don't you think Jones might be better off with his teammates, working out and practicing, then he is just on his own? How can the guy show he's improved unless he gets the chance?

Goodell has said he will make a decision on reinstating Pacman some time before training camp. Thanks. That's just his way of saying, "I don't know, whenever I want." But you'd like to think this won't last too much longer and he'll let the guy get to his football team to see just what they're working with, both on and off the field.

Goodell has stated that he has to see that Jones has matured and can stay out of trouble on a consistent basis before he is reinstated but Eatman makes a great point here. The best thing for Jones right now would be to be able to work with his teammates and be around the support system the Cowboys have in place. That being said, not breaking the law for a few months in a row shouldn't be that much of a monumental challenge.

On ultra-hyped UDFA Danny Amendola:

Sure, he caught a lot of passes last year in a gimmick offense. Lots of Texas Tech receivers have caught a lot of passes over the years. And only Wes Welker, especially once he joined forces with the best offense in the NFL, has productive in the NFL. So just because Amendola went to the same school, looks the same and has a similar build, it doesn't mean he's Wes Welker.

This is a GREAT point. Running routes in shorts and helmets against rookie cornerbacks is one thing. Cracking the roster of one of the top offenses in the league is a different challenge altogether.

On the Cowboys and HBO's "Hard Knocks":

But it seems like it's a Top and Bottom show. They feature the high-profile guys, meaning Tony Romo and Terrell Owens will get as much attention as they will probably allow. And a few bottom-of-the-roster guys will be featured.


But the guys who will probably be left off are the ones who just quietly do their job and do it well. Won't be surprised if Jason Witten, Terence Newman, DeMarcus Ware, Bradie James and probably all of the offensive linemen will get overlooked by the cameras. And in this case, that's probably a good thing.


It's a new beginning this year for Roy Williams and boy does he need it. He is determined that changing his number and dropping a bunch of weight will help him get back to his playmaking days of yore. That's all great, but what about the actual on the field play? Dave Campo and Brett Maxie are two guys who are determined to return Williams back to his old self.

"I learned from a guy like Dave Waymer (the late Saints cornerback who recorded a combined 15 interceptions in 1987-88)," Maxie told in 2005. "I learned (from him) things like study habits, how to watch film, what to look for, how to help your corners out, how to look for the hashmark, down and distance, personnel, formation tendencies."

Now, of course, a six-year veteran like Williams should already know the importance of film study. But maybe what he needs is to hear it stressed by a new voice. Sometimes that’s all it takes for players to get going again – a new coach who offers a fresh perspective and a jolt of enthusiasm.


Terrell Owens was on Conan O'Brien last night.  He didn't really say a whole lot of note and plugged his upcoming appearance in Flava Flav's new show.


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