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Dallas Cowboys random articles


Tony Romo needs to go to charm school and work on his posture.

The Eagles have Dallas on the brain.

With McNabb sidelined, Kolb has enjoyed the opportunity to work with the first-team offense. He looked sharp in doing so yesterday as the scout teams gave the starters a look at the Dallas Cowboys' offensive and defensive schemes.

Here’s a detailed article about former Cowboy Ryan Fowler’s steroids issue. 

The allure of the Cowboys is too much to resist, even for a Philly scout. 

“I hated the Eagles as a kid,” he said. “That's the truth. I hated the Eagles only because I was a big Dallas Cowboys fan ... as a kid. And that was only because they had my favorite player, Tony Dorsett.”

The Moose is being inducted  into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Everybody is getting a big kick out of Jerry Jones’ recent comments on the cost of Jerry World. 

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