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Bet on the Cowboys in the NFC


So I was flipping around the dial…wait, that’s radio/TV terminology…I was surfing on the ones and zeroes - that’s better for the Internet age – and came across an article at It was a roundtable of five writers at the site discussing the Patriots and their prospects this year including another Super Bowl run; pretty standard stuff. But the last question was: Which NFC team will make it to the Super Bowl? And wouldn’t you know it; all five writers picked the Dallas Cowboys. Here’s one example.

I have to say something that I thought I would never say ... Jerry Jones has made some great moves this off-season. I know that the Cowboys are a popular pick but I can't disagree with the pick. With the signing of Terrell Owens and the bringing in of Pacman Jones, I think if Tony Romo can keep his head out of the TMZ celeb clouds, then this should be the team to beat in the NFC.

 (Cue Terry’s rebuttal in the comments about Romo)

On top of that, has an article about the retirement of Michael Strahan and how that affects the betting action on the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Their conclusion; the Giants loss is the Cowboys gain. They say the smart money is on the Cowboys to represent the NFC in the big game this year.

So are you guys down with the Cowboys being the odds-on favorite to make the Super Bowl from the NFC?

Star_medium has a good read about the Cowboys receivers not named T.O., Terry Glenn or Patrick Crayton. They especially focus in on Isaiah Stanback and his improvements since getting fully healthy. Here’s Stanback’s own take.

"I was too heavy," Stanback said. "My legs hadn't felt any weight. They hadn't felt all the pounding and stuff, which is why I got the shin splints.

"I got the weight off me, and now during this off-season with the gradual running that we did I was able to put it back on, but put it back on the right way and my body being able to tolerate. I'm still like 214, 215, but it feels natural now."

Stanback's physical condition is much improved, but now he's learning how to make plays while running live routes against defenders.

Can’t wait to see the kid in training camp.


Buried in this article is another reference to what appears to be our new dime package.

An interesting defensive look in the dime defense had six defensive backs, including the top four cornerbacks - Terence Newman, Anthony Henry, Pacman Jones and Mike Jenkins. The two safeties on that defense were Pat Watkins and Courtney Brown. While Ken Hamlin remains absent from the OTA practices, Roy Williams did practice. He worked with the second-team defense on that package, but was the first-team safety in the standard defense.

Six defensive backs along with four down linemen means only one linebacker on the field. I’m guessing its Zach Thomas although no one has bothered to let us know that. I say Zach because he has a reputation for being good in pass coverage. Last year Roy was the other linebacker in this package but it looks like Anthony Henry will take over that hybrid role. Henry has always been big for a corner but I wonder how long it will be until teams try to run or screen against that formation. Maybe the Cowboys will only employ it on very long yardage passing situations for the offense.


Here’s some more about Romo working on his mechanics including his posture. Romo and Jason Garrett have some interesting things to say on the subject. 

Go read this article on Bradie James, one of the good guys in the NFL. 

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