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When all else fails, smear T.O.

In the past I never linked to that much because you always had to wade through a lot of crap to get to the decent stuff. I have warmed to them recently, they’ve managed to get some timely scoops and generally their reports have had a tad more accuracy than previous efforts. But today brought back all the reasons they are so lame when it comes to the Cowboys. Here’s Mike Florio, a lawyer by trade no less, on T.O.’s recent issue over the phone call for a random drug test and being placed in the reasonable cause program.

It’s enough to make a cynic...question whether something deeper is going on. We’re aware of no evidence that Owens is using any type of improper substances to maintain the chiseled physique of a man half his age,

Oy. The oldest trick in the book. We have no evidence but we’re bringing it up anyway. This is a standard method of smearing someone without actually having the stones to come out and do it directly. It’s the same as asking a politician – So when did you stop beating your wife?

Let’s continue…

but if Owens were taking something in the offseason and if Owens hoped to finagle a drug-test Mulligan in the event his name comes up for random testing, it would make sense for Owens to give the league his agent’s number, and to then claim that the message didn’t get through, if/when the call comes.

When nothing else works, come up with a conspiracy theory. Let’s give it a go ourselves.

I have no evidence that T.O. was the second shooter on the grassy knoll, but if he was, returning to Dallas all these years later and hiding in plain sight would be the prefect cover. What’s that you say? Owens was born in 1973 and couldn’t have been the second shooter? Hog wash, that’s not a hyperbaric chamber he sleeps in, it’s a cryogenic freezer that he bought from Austin Powers, along with the time machine that allows him to go back in time.

Oh yeah, the moon landing? Never happened. We’re not saying that Owens was involved in that conspiracy to fool the American public, but with his access to cryogenic freezing and a time machine, we can’t rule out the possibility.

Not content with his efforts so far, Florio takes another shot at T.O.

Though our guess is that Owens isn’t smart enough to pull something like that off (and also not dumb enough to complain after avoiding the automatic four-game suspension), it’s definitely a loophole that needs to be closed. 

Ahh, let’s indirectly accuse T.O. of something to bring up negative connotations and then smear him again by calling him dumb. Let’s build up a whole theory on what might have happened then rule out the possibility because of his intelligence., bringing you the latest in conspiracy theories and smears because it creates traffic. Although I don’t think they’re smart enough to even realize they’re doing it.

Stay classy,


Quietly, James Marten is being used at a new position. 

Second-year offensive lineman James Marten is working at left guard during the organized team activities but he's not sure it's a permanent move. He's backing up Kyle Kosier for now with Doug Free and Pat McQuistan manning the left and right tackle spots on the second-team line.

Good move by the Cowboys and they should make it permanent. Marten just doesn’t have the footwork needed to be an NFL tackle. Reminds me in some ways of Rob Petitti.

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