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It seems a lot of folks get a bit upset when they see Tony Romo involved in anything but football. For some reason, there are fans out there that believe Romo puts a bit too much energy into his very public and celebrity lifestyle instead of spending a whole bunch of extra time trying to improve his game. The truth is that he is a notoriously hard worker in the offseason and is working hard on improving his game.

Romo working on his mechanics this offseason is nothing new and has been covered a few times the couple of days. He wants to quiet his feet down, work on his posture and while maintaining his improvisation skills improve his accuracy while on the run. This is something Romo has focused on every offseason as a pro.

"I always felt that if I wasn't working on something or I wasn't trying to enhance [my] game and take the next step, why play the game?," Romo said. "It's just not as much fun if you're not trying to improve on where you were."

If anyone wants to question Romo's dedication to the Cowboys and the game of football I just direct them to Terry and let him take care of it. Romo has always been the guy that spends the most time at Valley Ranch in the offseason, a trait that is invaluable in your starting quarterback. He is also a team player and gladly restructured his contract this offseason to help sign some important players.

When there was a chance for this team to take a big step in keeping players, Romo was willing to help. To aid in the re-signing of Pro Bowl running back Marion Barber -- now a starter -- and Pro Bowl cornerback Terence Newman, he reworked his contract, as did right guard Leonard Davis, to free up salary-cap space.

"Honestly, I wouldn't want to sign a $150 million deal just because we wouldn't have the ability to bring in a bunch of players," Romo said.

Star_medium listed one player from each team that needed to improve their play the most. Guess who made he list for the Cowboys? Roy Williams, of course!

3. Roy Williams, S, Dallas Cowboys: The object of a lot of frustration among Cowboys supporters, Williams must find a way to make an impact early or he will find himself back on the bench in passing situations, and ultimately, off the roster altogether.

This article sparked a big debate over at the DMN blog over how Roy Williams will be used this year versus how he was last year.

Personally, I am just about burned out on the Roy Williams talk. Either he starts making plays this year or he's out. All I can hope for as a Cowboys fan is he somehow finds his game again and helps lead us to a championship.


Nick Eatman has an article about the luxury of all of a sudden having too many talented cornerbacks.


Kevin Burnett has a fairly passionate post over at his DMN blog about player's salaries and how they are perceived by the public.

KB has a good point. The owners and their teams make a ton of money over a large amount of time while players generally have about 2-3 years of a career to make as much as they can. They do this while exposing their bodies to extreme forces and stress. They deserve to get what they can from the sport.


Sadly, a couple of construction workers were hurt today while helping build Jerry World. The good news is that reports say the injuries are not life threatening.

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