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Everybody Loves Dallas

The other day I posted an article where a group of Patriots’ writers predicted that the Dallas Cowboys would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. That led BTB-regular DalaiLuke to create this FanPost about the possible contenders in the NFC who could challenge the Cowboys. BTB-regular Wmillion also dropped this link on us where has the Cowboys with the second best odds of winning the Super Bowl behind the Patriots.

Today, I bring you some more praise for the Cowboys’ very talented roster and how they are being tabbed by numerous writers and publications as the NFC favorites. I found this article that recaps Athlon’s and Lindy’s picks for the playoffs.

Athlon has Dallas winning the NFC East again and….

The NFC championship game will pit Dallas against Seattle, with the Cowboys winning, while the AFC title game will have San Diego defeating the Patriots.

In the Super Bowl, Athlon has Dallas defeating San Diego.

Lindys thinks the Giants will take the NFC East and Dallas is a wildcard and…

In the NFC title game, Dallas will beat Seattle and in the AFC title game Indianapolis will beat San Diego.

The Super Bowl will have Indy beating Dallas.

The author of the article takes a whack at it himself…

In the NFC title game, Tony Romo and Company will get it done this year by defeating the Green Bay Packers, while in the AFC title game, Peyton Manning and the Colts will beat New England.

This year’s Super Bowl will pit Indianapolis against Dallas, with the Colts taking the coveted title.

Meanwhile, this article mainly deals with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but does have a prediction for the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville gets the nod over Dallas in Super Bowl XLIII after the Jaguars drop the Colts and the Cowboys down the Saints in the conference title games.


Michael Irvin made a comment last winter about how the new players in the NFL should visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in order to learn the game’s history. Irvin wanted players to understand what has happened before them, how certain players have worked in this league to reach the pinnacle and to let them know that playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right. Roger Goodell liked what he heard and decided to send the rookie classes from all 32 teams to the Hall. The Cowboys contingent made their pilgrimage this Friday and Irvin went with them. You can read about it here and here. 


Chris Canty held a camp for youngsters, check it out here. Canty wanted some Cowboys players to join him and he reeled in a big fish when DeMarcus Ware agreed.

"You know how big Chris is? He's like 6''7" 360 pounds. If he says, 'Demarcus, you're coming to our camp today.' I'm like, 'OK, I'll be there,'" said Dallas Linebacker Demarcus Ware, ready to help Canty’s Camp of Champions.


Here’s some multimedia for your viewing/listening pleasure. Coach Wade Phillips talks to Randy Galloway on his radio show. My good friend DCFanatic posted a couple of videos in FanShots: this one is an interview with Cliff Harris and this one talks about the Cowboys young WR’s.


Tony Romo actually addressed the rumors about his relationship with Jessica Simpson. Apparently, their romance is going strong and Romo called the reports that Jessica’s dad has run him off as "laughable."




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