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Dallas Cowboys Roundup: The Nanny Edition

Would you believe the man who held the touchdown record before T.O. is now a live-in nanny? Strange but true. 

Frank Clarke once cradled touchdown passes for the Original Cowboys.

Now he cradles children and touches lives.

Clarke, 74, is a live-in nanny. He works for a Durham, N.C., family.

It's not his first nanny job, either. He’s had a few of them since 1977.

He divorced after 21 years of marriage in ’77, abandoned most of his worldly possessions (except what fit into his car), then drove 2,000 miles from his home in San Francisco Bay to Kentucky.

It was a journey to follow his heart and answer a calling.

Clarke, who had been out of the NFL for 10 years by then, found an "alternative consciousness growth" program in Blue Grass country. He signed on.

And from that point forward, he channeled his love toward kids.

Earlier, Clarke had helped raise three children of his own — all grown now. His youngest daughter is 47. So, he did have some advanced training with this nanny thing.

But it had been quite awhile since he read Dr. Seuss to a 5-year-old.

Word to Fran Drescher.   

Seems like the ‘Boys have a series of rules. The Roy Williams No-Horse-Collaring Rule. The Emmitt Smith Keep-Your-Helmet-On Rule. The Marion Barber Watch-Your-Stiff-Arm-Rule. The Barry Switzer Don’t-Be-An-Idiot-And-Take-Your-Loaded-Gun-to-the-Airport Rule (ok I made that one up but I was on a roll there). 

Seems like someone should name a rule after the Playmaker for his great suggestion. 

The DMN Blog’s Albert Breer thinks Matt Jones could land in Dallas. Who? Matt Jones! Who? Matt Jones!

Although the receiver has measurables that are off the chart, his numbers in three years are pretty average. He’s big, fast, strong and he can jump. But these attributes did not translate into game-changing numbers for the Jaguars, although one could argue their run-heavy offense contributed to his mediocre receiving statistics.

He did go to the University of Arkansas though. Always a plus when it comes to the media. But we already dipped into the Razorback pool. Could we go back for seconds?

This is wishful thinking here, I think. I have confidence that Romo can turn anyone into a productive receiver. There’s no doubt about that. But I don’t think we need Jones. Nice try though fellas.

Sometimes when your on the winning side of history it’s easy to forget about the torment the losing side faces. Believe me, I’m still dealing with this chokejob of epic proportions.
Tim Russert, as an ardent Buffalo Bills fan, felt the wrath of Cowboy greatness more than once.

Before each of the Bills' four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, Russert would make a point of ending "Meet the Press" with a mention about the game and about which team he was rooting for. He would sign off with, "Go Bills!" And after each Super Bowl loss, you knew that no fan felt more agony or torment than Russert.

R.I.P. Tim Russert.

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