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Roy Williams explains it all...and I'm still not sure what's going on


Well, it’s time for the Roy Williams debate again. After a couple of weeks of relatively Roy-free chatter the door is now open. Over at the Star-T Roy gives an extensive and free-wheelin’ interview where he covers all the topics people have been dying to ask him. He comments on Greg Ellis’ comments (he didn’t really seem to care for them), he gave Terence Newman a pass on the "deer in the headlights" comments, he discussed his lack of big plays recently, his faith and just about everything in between.

But typical of Roy, where everything seems to be an enigma, he’s all over the place. At times he says the comments about trading or cutting him really hurt but then he says they may be what he needs to motivate himself. He blames the lack of forced fumbles on running backs getting better. (WTF? Running backs all of a sudden got better in the last couple of years and don’t fumble anymore?). He blames the lack of sacks on…well, I don’t know what he blames it on. He says he was more of a box safety in the past and that’s why his number of big plays is down now. He even admits he might have gone on cruise control and not even noticed it. He has a strange passage about how he was playing the game for the wrong reasons before and now that he’s found religion he is doing it for the right reasons and not to glorify worldly people. In one answer that did make some sense, he acknowledged that Anthony Henry might be the better choice in the dime defense.

It’s all too surreal.

I don’t know, after reading his interview, I agree with his decision to usually not do interviews. I couldn’t tell if he had any grasp on what has been plaguing his game recently or that he even knows that his play is not what it used to be. But he does acknowledge he needs to put up or shut up this year so I’m taking that as a positive sign.

But one thing’s for sure, he believes that Jerry Jones has his back and that he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

According to Williams, Jones approached him on the practiced field during the organized team activities and assured him that he wasn’t going anywhere.

"I was blindsided by the (cut him or trade him talk)," Williams said. "That is crazy. I don’t plan on playing for another team. I plan to retire as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. I even talked to Jerry about it. He said don’t even worry about it. He said I am not worried about you performing on the football field."

Let the debate begin anew.


Mini-camp starts tomorrow but Todd Archer says don’t expect Ken Hamlin to show because he’s not under contract. Because Hamlin isn’t under contract he can’t be fined for missing the mandatory practices. He has until July 15th to sign his tender.

Terry Glenn probably won’t practice either because he and the Cowboys are still at an impasse over the split-contract that the organization wants him to sign.

After getting past those two items Archer delves into the salary cap situation and gives some great details about what is going on. Here is the key paragraph.

But regardless of what happens with those two [Hamlin and Glenn], the Cowboys are in excellent salary-cap shape – with more than $8 million available – thanks to moves made in the last month.

All praise to Stephen Jones who has been a miracle worker with the cap recently.


Nick Eatman talks up Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. All that time that Choice was wearing #22 at Georgia Tech and I never knew it was because of Emmitt Smith.

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