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Terry Glenn wants to be released, Jerry Jones says patience

Looks like the relationship between the Dallas Cowboys and Terry Glenn is crumbling faster than Britney Spears’ career. On the one hand we have Jerry Jones and Co. declaring that Glenn will have to sign a split-contract with the injury stipulation if he wants to wear the star this year. On the other hand, Terry Glenn has absolutely no intention of placing his John Hancock on any new version of his deal. Something's gotta give in this situation.

Unfortunately for Glenn, he’s the one without any leverage. At 34 years old and on the heels of missing a complete season with a bum knee, his prospects elsewhere are sketchy at best. Pile on the fact that his current team is so suspect of his knee problems that they are willing to part ways if they don’t get what they want and red flags will be raised for any team that might want to take a chance on him. The probability that any team would pay him anywhere close to the kind of money Dallas is willing to give him if he stays healthy is practically nil.

But that’s not stopping Glenn from drawing a line in the sand.

"I was told that I would be released if I didn't sign [the split salary agreement]," Glenn said. "So I said that I wasn't signing, I think we should get on with it, I don't see what the problem is. If I can't participate in team activities, then what's the use? I'm frustrated as hell. I thought it was unfair in the first place."

That certainly sounds like Glenn is willing to take his chances elsewhere. It’s hard to imagine that he would back down from that stance now. So it would appear the only chance of reconciliation would be for the Cowboys to re-think their stance. That brings up the underlying point of this whole mess. For the Cowboys to be willing to part with Glenn, a guy they just extended a couple of years ago and the guy who was not long ago their #1A receiver to T.O.’s #1 receiver, that must mean that they have serious misgivings about Glenn’s knee lasting through the season. I’m not talking about just concern but a real feeling that it just isn’t going to work. Otherwise, why would they even consider letting Glenn go especially when 1.74 million dollars isn’t much more than pocket change in Jerry’s world.

But serious they are.

"I'd like for him to come back, but the nature of his injury is one that it can go in the next step," Jerry said. "So that's two big of a risk for our team to take, and I don't think any team will take that risk."

So far, Jerry claims that Glenn hasn’t said anything directly to him about his desire to be released. But given Glenn’s comments to Ed Werder and Calvin Watkins today, there can be little doubt that Jerry knows about it now.

So what’s the timeline on anything happening in this situation?

"We'll just see what happens between now and training camp," Jerry said. When asked when this situation needs to be resolved, he said, "Day after Labor Day, as far as I'm concerned."

I would think that would be a little late for Terry Glenn’s calendar. If he truly isn’t going to sign the contract and wants to take his chances with another team he needs something to happen soon so he can start fishing around for a new home, before training camps start to roll.

I can only see two ways this ends. One, Glenn backs down and swallows his pride by taking the Cowboys offer. If he is so certain that his knee checks out fine like he’s claimed and that he can make a serious go of the whole season, then he needs to do the smart thing. Right now, he’s making no gestures in that direction. The number two option is that he starts making a serious ruckus, I’m talking a Chad Johnson-type tantrum and force Jerry’s hand. The former option gives him a real chance at ending his career on a good note and the possibility of going out on a Super Bowl winner. The second option marks him as another diva-WR, with a bum knee, who is getting old, and his value on the open market is seriously diminished.

C’mon Terry. Sign the deal. If you say your knee will hold up then it shouldn’t matter anyway. You might feel you are being treated unfairly, but are you willing to stake the possible end of your career on it?

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