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Adam "insert nickname here" Jones gets reps with first team


Nick Eatman drops the news that leads to all kinds of speculation. I stated that I thought by early in the season we could have a new starting cornerback. But it might be happening quicker than that. Of course, it’s just practice and teams try all kinds of things in OTA’s and camps, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

In more than one drill, both individual and team, the Cowboys worked cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones in at first-team right cornerback, replacing veteran Anthony Henry at times.

I think there is some significance to this. You don’t just start moving around guys on the depth-chart for no reason at all. Even Anthony Henry reads some significance into it.

"I've been playing in this league for eight years. I'm not blind to it," Henry said of Jones replacing him at practice. "I knew what time it was when the transaction happened at the draft. I already knew what time it was. It's just a matter of when. And maybe when is now."


Meanwhile, all reports are that TE Martellus Bennett has been struggling with learning the Cowboys playbook and the NFL game in general.

"College football is a whole lot easier," Bennett said. "Less thinking, less knowledge of the game - you just really just go out there and play every weekend. Now, you've got to go out there and read everything. Man, this is like college times 20."

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