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Terry Glenn steps back from the ledge


Terry Glenn has reached a point of equilibrium in his contract standoff with Jerry Jones. Yesterday, it appeared that Glenn was ready to burn the bridge back to Dallas. Today, he’s offered an olive branch to Jerry.

"I want Jerry to understand that I know he has the ultimate power in everything that goes on with the Cowboys, and I'm not trying to challenge him in any way, shape or form," Glenn said. "He can -- and will -- determine the outcome of this because it's ultimately his decision. But what I want is to remain a Cowboy. I've been here for five years and I've made Dallas my home, and I would love nothing more than to be a Dallas Cowboy."

Glenn looks like he’s moving towards signing some kind of split-contract although he didn’t explicitly say that. But what I found interesting was the reason, according to Glenn, that set him off in the first place. We know that the Cowboys are now offering a $500,000 payout if he injures his right knee in any significant way. But earlier this year, the Cowboys offered him $385,000 and that was the number that Glenn and his agent apparently agreed to. But…

Glenn said he reluctantly agreed to the deal but noticed the figure had been reduced to $345,000 when he received the documents to sign. When Glenn inquired as to why the offer had been reduced by $40,000, he said he was told that it was the lowest the Cowboys could offer under the collective bargaining agreement.

Now that would make me pretty angry, too. And that doesn’t really sound like the way that Jerry Jones does business; he always takes care of his players and is extremely loyal. I can’t imagine what happened there but it at lest gives some context as to why Glenn is so miffed with the organization. On the other hand, if he was going to agree to $385,000, and now the Cowboys have upped that to $500,000, then Glenn needs to put away his stand on principle and go ahead and sign the deal.

Hat tip to MWB for the link.

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