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Follow the Tank

Tank Johnson is finally feeling comfortable with the Dallas Cowboys and his old personality is coming out. He was known as a jokester and a fun-loving guy when he was with the Chicago Bears and was very popular in the locker room. Coming off his suspension last year in Dallas he toned everything down as he tried to fit in with his new team and get back in the good graces of The Commish. Now, he sounds like he’s ready to go and have a big season. I always thought we got a steal when we signed him to a meager contract and that he would eventually become the starter. But I also didn’t know that Jay Ratliff would be as good as he was in the middle and now there’s a real battle going on. Tank has upped his game to the level where the Cowboys can now consider using Rat at DE.

But the one thing I didn’t count on, and Wade Phillips mentioned he wasn’t counting on it either, is that Tank is a leader. We’ve all heard about Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin trying to show "Video Game" Jones the way to redemption, but in the locker room, it’s been Tank who has taken him under his wing. The Cowboys put their lockers together, probably with the idea that if anybody knows what Jones has been through it’s Tank. He’s taken to the task well.

Here’s Tank on leadership

"For me to be a leader, on the field and off the field, in the weight room and just around the facility, is important," Johnson said. "I'm just trying to do my part and just stay consistent. ... I put in enough work this offseason to let them know what I am going to contribute this year in a big way."

He says a lot more in that article and this one that shows he gets what’s expected of him. I’m looking for the guy to really help our defense this year. 


Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd were asked about the Terry Glenn situation by the media. They said they want him back and that he’s a great receiver. But in the back of their minds, do you think they might be thinking – retirement’s not so bad, Terry. You need your knee for later in life. We can take it from here.

Some Q&A where Zach Thomas and Isaiah Stanback are discussed. 

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