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Another week with the Dallas Cowboys

It’s the start of a brand-new week and a new round of OTA’s. Who will show up and who won’t? Ah, the games we’ll play to keep our minds occupied while we wait for the real stuff to begin. Not even the real games; I’ll just be ecstatic when we get real practices.

So will Greg Ellis workout this week or does he have too big of a gripe? Is there any kernel of truth to the rumors around Jason Taylor? What’s happened to Terry Glenn, is he going to sign the injury waiver? Is Ken Hamlin going to get a long-term deal and if not, how long will he stay away from the Ranch? Is Chris Canty going to sign his tender or are they trying to negotiate something long-term? With the Cowboys, I feel like I could play this game forever.

And finally, what’s going on with Pacman? I’ve heard more than a few people mention this week as a possible decision-time from Roger Goodell. ran a blurb yesterday about Pacman’s recent casino issue with the unpaid markers, noting it highlighted another trip to Las Vegas and that the league took notice. But they also say that with Jerry Jones in Pacman’s corner he has a chance of being reinstated.

My own opinion is that Goodell will reinstate him soon. I think this because I believe that Jerry Jones had a pretty good idea of where Goodell was on this whole issue before he made the trade. Kind of a wink and a nudge deal. You  know, Jerry calls Roger on the phone and says "I know you can’t tell me if you’ll reinstate Pacman, but if you are going to do it, stay silent for the next five seconds." 1-2-3-4-5 – silence. "Thank you very much, Roger." Click.


Remember last year when Wade said something about being Mr. Fix-It on the defense, and then whenever we had problems, everybody slammed Mr. Fix-It? Well, Jerry Jones made an offhand comment about adding some "wow" to the offense and that one isn’t going away, either. Adding "wow" to the offense wasn’t a pre-requisite for me although I did want a homerun threat out of the backfield to complement MB3. Besides that, last year’s offense was pretty darn impressive so adding "wow" wasn’t the issue for me. Adding some corners that could play was an issue, figuring out why we keep collapsing in December is an issue, and winning in the playoffs is a big issue. The offense, not so much. (Even though they struggled at the end of the season, too)


In the Roy Williams news department comes this article where Roy discusses his faith and football in a slightly convoluted context. He also says it’s all good; he still loves playing ball and he is having fun. And he and Newman are still boys. 

"I know that people probably mixed his words up," he said. "Terence told me what he said. He said a lot of good things in the first part. The media takes what they want to hear. Me and Terence are boys."


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