Sign it or else!!!

The Dallas Cowboys want receiver Terry Glenn on their team.

But an NFL source said the Cowboys have told Glenn to either sign the $500,000 injury waiver for his surgically-repaired right knee or prepare to play elsewhere. And that time is growing short for Glenn’s decision.


The Cowboys are not allowing him to participate in their organized team activities or any other practice until he signs the waiver.

Terry Glenn's time in Dallas is quickly coming to an end, if he doesn't sign the injury waiver he'll be cut. Glenn will never be healthy this year, if you think he is, you're only fooling yourself, the man has bone on bone contact in his knee. The Cowboys wanted him to have the micro-fracture surgery last year, but Glenn didn't want to miss the entire season, instead Glenn got 5.82 million for four plays. I'd give Glenn 48 hours to decide to sign the injury waiver or cut him. Glenn wont pass another teams physical with that knee.

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