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Dallas Cowboys link dump


Mini-camp is over and now we’re stuck with a month or so of dead time. Blah. But I’m sure there will be the occasional Romo’s girlfriend story to liven things up.

Here are a few items for your perusal:

Romo is a competitor, whether on the field or on the links. 

Mickey Spags gives some love to Sam Hurd  while Todd Archer gives some love to Hurd and Miles Austin. 

Here’s another take on the man, DeMarcus Ware, getting bigger and stronger while maintaining his quickness. 

The Star-T looks at the five biggest offseason stories.

Marcus Spears says he doesn’t care about critics. Has he been reading this blog?

Another “Cornerback” Jones trying to make good story

And finally, there’s Redskins TE Chris Cooley. I was checking out his blog a little earlier this week because SB Nation’s fine Washington blog, Hogs Haven, had mentioned it.  Cooley is one good blogger. In his 10 questions with Jason Campbell he asked him about decontaminating his hand after sticking it under center Casey Rabach’s butt for two hours in practice. You got to give the guy credit for that question. But I forgot to mention this Q&A until the DMN blog reminded me. 

5. What would it look like if you and Tony Romo got into a fight? I have to say it would look like, I would be the hulk standing 6'5" and Romo would be like Spiderman, jumping around all over the place. I'm really not worried about getting into a fight with Romo. I think Jessica Simpson and the Cowboy fans are enough for him to handle.

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