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Dallas Cowboys dominate again


That’s right, the Dallas Cowboys dominate once again. Just what are we dominating today?’s list of the Top-10 one-hit wonders of the NFL. Out of a list of 10 we take three spots on the countdown.

At #6 comes WR Percy Howard. Truly, I had forgotten about old Percy. He had one catch in his NFL career and it was a TD in the Super Bowl beating Mel Blount. Watch the video as Percy tells you how he was trash-talking Mel Blount who had knocked Golden Richards out of the game. Percy told Blount he could beat him deep, Blount told Percy to go tell Staubach that, Percy did and on the next play he beat Blount for a long TD. Alas, Percy could have become a hero to Cowboys’ fans everywhere, for all-time, if he could have hauled in the Hail Mary pass at the end of the game. It wasn’t to be.

At #4 comes the expected - Clint Longley. No player in my mind represents the one-hit wonder more than Clint Longley. In more ways than one as I’ll explain. His miraculous game on Thanksgiving Day against the Redskins after Roger Staubach was knocked out of the game is something I’ll never forget. Yes, I’ll betray my age by stating I remember watching the game live and going crazy in my house amongst a family full of Redskins fans. The turkey sure tasted sweeter on that day. It truly was a day for giving thanks. So he was definitely a one-hit wonder after that performance. As for the other part of the one-hit wonder that I promised above? Many people forget that it was one hit that got Longley thrown off the team. In training camp, he got into a dispute with Staubach and hit Roger from behind. That one hit sealed his fate forever as the Cowboys immediately cut him.

The final one-hit wonder entry for the Cowboys is good old Larry Brown at #3. This one is a little different. Sure, his game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl was the pinnacle of what was otherwise a very pedestrian career. But the idea of him being a one-hit wonder is kind of cheapened by the fact that he was a regular starter at CB with the Cowboys and he went on to play with the Raiders the next year. So it wasn’t quite like Percy Howard or Clint Longley, but that one day was a miracle to behold. I always say that on that day the Cowboys best player was Neil O’Donnell, who threw the two interceptions to Brown and it made it look like Brown was the intended target all along. Thanks Neil, for that capping Super Bowl win on our 90’s dynasty.

Head on over and watch the videos and re-live some memories.

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