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Big ups to Brandon and his series on the 10 biggest moments of the 2007 season. After such a long offseason with the draft, free agency, re-signing players and trades; you can lose sight of what the Cowboys accomplished in 2007 with their NFC East crown, a 13-3 record and 13 Pro Bowl players. One huge, heart-breaking playoff loss can alter your perception. But Brandon manages to take us back to some of those moments in 2007 that had us cheering and clapping. He’s only managed to get through two so far, #10 here and #9 here, and I can’t wait to read about the other eight.


One of the favorite subjects of comment here on BTB is how many carries MB3 should get. The Cowboys recently signed him to a big contract that would normally indicate that he will be a feature back with plenty of carries. The other side of that coin is the worry that with MB3’s punishing running style, he could end up getting hurt or have his career prematurely cut short. Kevin Burnett says not to worry, MB3 has a way of not absorbing as much punishment as you might think.  


The DMN has an interesting read about the biggest worry to the Cowboys championship hopes this season. It’s not the offense, or the defense, or the special teams. It’s not our competition in the NFC East or just the NFC in general. Nope, the theory is that what the Cowboys fear most is an outbreak of ego on a star-studded roster.

What do you guys think?


A couple of love letters for Jason Witten here and here.


Andre Gurode has come a long way from his early days in Dallas. He’s played guard and he’s played center. He’s been benched and he’s been to the Pro Bowl. Now, he’s considered the anchor of the line and one of the best centers in the league. Check out Nick Eatman’s long article detailing many aspects of Gurode’s rise to the pinnacle of his position.

But there’s still one worry we all have as fans of Gurode. Can he get those high snaps under control? We all remember Tony Romo’s miracle save of a Gurode snap against the Rams last year. I have a sneaking suspicion that play may just end up on Brandon’s Top-10 list. But Gurode is working hard on not repeating it.

While Gurode said he is working on all areas of his game this off-season, from his footwork to getting out of his stance quicker, he said improving the shotgun snaps is high on his priority list.

"That's something I need to be more consistent on," Gurode said. "(High snaps) are going to happen. I saw it happen to Jeff Saturday in the Pro Bowl. It can happen to any center at any time. But you don't ever want it to happen to you in a game in a critical situation. If you relax on it, that's when you make mistakes."

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