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Dallas Cowboys receive some love


ESPN Insider has a roundtable discussion of the NFC East. They asked who has the best offense in the NFC East and the Cowboys were the winner across the board. When asking about the defenses, the Giants got three of the votes and the Cowboys got two of the votes. They also asked who made the most important offseason moves in the NFC East and the answers were all over the board. One guy had this to say about the Cowboys.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has opened up his wallet and his Cowboys have made more moves than any other team in the NFL. They are not looking to the future and this team is built to win a championship sooner rather than later. Jones' roster is loaded and his players are well-paid and happy. Jones seems to relish in his role in personnel.

 We are definitely built to win now but I don’t think we’ve mortgaged our future in anyway to accomplish that goal.


Don Banks takes a subtle shot at Romo, but not in a malicious way. 

I see where Tony Romo is reportedly close to a $10 million endorsement deal with Starter that would give him his own line of clothes and shoes.

That's great. Now if the Cowboys always-telegenic quarterback can somehow negotiate an actual playoff victory as his next feat, I'm sure the slightly out of order procession of these accomplishments will quickly be forgotten.

Ah yes, win in the post-season. I can’t lie, I agree. Although I love Romo’s skills and truly believe he will start winning in the post-season – this year – it still has to happen for him to rank among the elite.

Tuna Helper’s article from yesterday revived the debate about regular season vs. post-season and the role a QB plays in those victories.


The Manster was at Texas Stadium recently and had this to say about the current edition of the Cowboys. 

"I think they've improved," White said of the Cowboys. "Sometimes you have to go through some different experiences to learn, and when you get back there again, hopefully you'll handle things different. Last year, I think they learned some things at the end of the season that hopefully will help them this year, as far as maturing as a team. They've got a young group and maybe they can create their own history."

Randy White was one of my favorite players as a kid. He and Too Tall were my heroes on the Doomsday Defense.


Jason Hatcher is a good guy. 

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