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Top ten moments of 2007: #8


#8: Terrell Owens' juggling touchdown catch against the Giants

Week one; New York Giants versus Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys headed into the week one matchup against New York with unanswered questions dogging the team. Could Tony Romo build upon his successes of 2006? Would Wade Phillips be able to "fix" a problematic defense? What happens if Terrell Owens doesn't get the ball as much as he wants? The first half of the game played right into all of those storylines.

Immediately Plaxico Burress exploited the Cowboys' secondary, depleted due to the absence of Terence Newman, when he scored on a 60 yard touchdown just minutes into the game. But the Cowboys battled back and took an eleven point lead behind an on fire Tony Romo as he found Jason Witten time and again open across the middle. The defense also did their best to hold off the Giants, holding them to just two field goals after the early touchdown. A ghastly turnover on special teams gave new life to the Giants and the Cowboys headed to the locker room leading just 17-16.

While the Cowboys had success in the first half throwing the ball, Terrell Owens had yet to catch a ball. As the Cowboys came out on offense in the 3rd quarter all eyes were on Owens, and how he might react if the Cowboys failed to get him the ball. All worries were instantly brushed aside when Romo found Owens open in the back of the end zone from 22 yards out. Owens made a stumbling, juggling one handed grab for the touchdown, a play that would put the Cowboys on the road to an opening night shootout victory.

A lot of you may be wondering why a seemingly normal play by Owens would end up at #8 on the countdown. His touchdown catch early in the second half set the tone for the incredible season he and Romo would have together in 2007. Throughout the offseason it was unknown as to whether Owens would be able to continue his transition away from being known as a troubled teammate. The first touchdown between Romo and Owens started the process on extinguishing those doubts and culminated in Owens' four touchdown receptions against the Redskins in week 11. Starting with that first game against the Giants, Owens proved in 2007 that he was still an elite receiver along with being a great teammate.

#9: Patrick Watkins' blocked field goal return.

#10: Brett Favre's last game at Texas Stadium.

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