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Dallas Cowboys: Class of the NFC East

The crew at ESPN's NFL Live discussed each team in the NFC East. Despite the fact that the New York Giants are the champs, the panel started with the ‘Boys. I think everyone knows that Dallas is loaded and should contend for a championship.

ESPN Writer Jeff Chadiha talked about his concerns about Dallas and their coaching situation. He’s worried about Wade Phillips and all the money Jason Garrett is getting. Former player Marcellus "No Not that Marsellus" Wiley compares Wade to Eli Manning. Wow. No response on that one.

It was a good discussion. Check it out.

ESPN’s Matt Mosley has a good article on the state of the Cowboys. He covers minicamp, DeMarcus Ware, Pacman Jones, Roy Williams and our looming contract issues. He points out how tireless Romo and Garrett are working to improve Romo’s skills. He also gives a shoutout to Miles Austin.

Quarterback Tony Romo and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett have spent a lot of time working together on fundamentals. Garrett believes Romo can become an even more accurate passer. He's walked a fine line with Romo because he doesn't want to take away any of the quarterback's well-documented improvisational skills.

Backup wide receiver Miles Austin may not be a "wow" player, but he did turn a few heads during recent workouts. A week after Adam Jones was lauded on "SportsCenter" for picking off a third-string quarterback twice in practice, Austin burned him for an acrobatic 45-yard touchdown pass. Austin's always had the size and athleticism, but now it looks as though he's improved his hands.

If there’s anything I’m game for it’s a good conspiracy theory. The Tuskegee Experiment. The Federal Government trying to take all of your money. Emmitt Smith was so good sometimes I thought he was a Scanner. I come from a long line of conspiracy theorists buddy.

And the granddaddy of them all? Dallas Cowboy bias in the media.

Now I’m not saying CBS’ Pete Prisco is part of the conspiracy to bring down America’s Team just cause he refused to put Tony Romo in his Top 50 rankings. But it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve expressed my opinion on Romo’s shortcomings but he definitely deserves to be in the list for Top 50 players in the league. I’d say Top 10. He’s not better than Andre Johnson and Wes Welker?

Star_medium has a good list of the Top 10 feuds in league history and guess what? The Cowboys made the list twice! Hells yeah!

This first one is as a group. Apparently, George Allen really hated the Cowboys. I mean, really really hated the Cowboys. I mean, who hates Roger Staubach? Who wants to beat up Tom Landry? George Allen. That’s who.

Then there’s the T.O. and Donovan McNabb feud. Ok fine. I realize this has become the NFL’s version of the Kobe-Shaq feud. Just please don’t pick up the mic T.O. McNabb too for that matter. Cause just because you’re a world-class athlete does not mean you can rap. At all.

Check out other Cowboys entries in the Top 10 series: best nickname for America’s Team, best weather game for the Ice Bowl and Top 10 unbreakable records for Tom Landry’s 29 seasons at the helm (No Emmitt though? Weak).

Ok. Unsubstantiated rumor time. Would the ‘Boys give Joe Horn a look? Particularly with the current situation involving Terry Glenn? I’d pass. But that’s just me. I did love the cell phone bit though I must admit. Again this is not news but just a theory posited in the rumor section of But I think it’s worth a look. I’ve certainly thought about it. But we don’t need an old receiver with baggage. We already have one of those. But he’s fast and strong. I’ll take him over Horn. Shoot I’ll take Austin and Hurd over Horn. At least they know the system.

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