Terry Glenn takes another step back from the ledge

Calvin Watkins reports some movement in the TG situation (since the previous equilibrium). Glenn has rehired his agent and is talking with the Cowboys again, and Jerry is sounding quite amenable.

Wide receiver Terry Glenn is speaking with Dallas Cowboys officials again in the hopes of returning.

Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones said he's spoken to Glenn and his agent, James Gould.

"Terry is someone I have a lot of interest in," Jones said Friday night. "We worked well together last year. We will sit down here and look at how he fits and what we can do with him as a player this year."


Glenn... has reached out to Jones and spoken with wide receivers coach Ray Sherman.

The Cowboys hope to settle the Glenn situation by training camp in late July, so Jones said it ends any search for a veteran wide out.

Seems like it's almost become cw in the media that Glenn is unlikely to return with this contract dispute, but I never really bought that. It always seemed like negotiating tactics to me. It's natural TG wants to try to get as much as he can (especially if he thinks this is his last year), including not having to take the risk of re-injury on himself. And his frustration if he felt like the deal was actually different from what he expected when he went to sign the papers. So he expressed his frustration in the media and tried to play hard to get.

But as Timmy Mac says, "He's clearly come to the realization that he has precious little leverage against the Cowboys and isn't going to help himself by negotiating via the media."

And maybe Jerry knows something about his knee that we don't know, but if it were really a deal breaker they would probably just cut him already. So it seems most likely that they're just looking at the known risk of his knee prognosis and making a calculated bet.

Maybe Glenn will just sign the split contract, or maybe Jerry will offer a compromise that gives him a bit more. (Jerry's the one with the leverage, so as nice as he talks I definitely don't see Glenn getting his full contract). But I think the most likely scenario has Glenn wearing the star for the season. 

After all, even if he could get a contract somewhere else, which is questionable, why would he want to go anywhere else when, 1. he knows this offense, and 2. he would have a way better shot to get a ring here than anywhere else he might play.

Meanwhile, Jerry and everyone else in the known sports world has been looking for the #2 receiver to work opposite T.O.—if Glenn can't or doesn't play. But if he can and does play... it's a moot point, and Jerry already has his receiver. 

How good can Glenn be? T-New has his opinion:

Rob (Dallas): Who has been the toughest receiver for you to cover so far in your career? 

 Terence Newman: (1:38 PM ET ) Terry Glenn. 


Rob (Boston): Terry Glenn? Really? You're just saying that. 

 Terence Newman: (1:41 PM ET ) Nah, he's one of the toughest receivers I have ever faced. He comes out of his breaks better than anybody in the league. He has cat-like quickness. He just understands the game. 

Coming from one of the best cover corners in the league, that is high praise indeed. And even if he is "just saying it" as a teammate to some extent, he's still saying it for a reason. Because he really believes in Glenn's ability, and wants him on his team for their Superbowl run.

There is no question in my mind that if his knee holds up and he's able to perform anywhere close to his previous level, Glenn is a damn potent weapon, and really exactly what we need to complete this offense. Try to double T.O. and see how Romo->TG can slice you apart!

So to me it seems likely that Glenn will play, and the bigger unknown than the contract situation is the knee situation. And that will remain an unknown for every single play for every game for the whole season. Until it gives out, or hasn't (hopefully) at the end of the season.

And on that subject, Watkins offers this little tidbit at the end:

[...] Doctors told Glenn he needs microfracture surgery, but the receiver said an MRI taken a few weeks ago revealed his knee is fine.

"Fine." Is that the official technical medical prognosis, lol? Glenn saying his own knee is "fine" even as an interpretation of an MRI only goes so far, given the nature of his injury, but still, it is encouraging. And it seems to me Jerry wouldn't even be sending these kinds of signals—"Terry is someone I have a lot of interest in"—unless he has faith that the knee has a decent chance of holding up. Granted, half a mil he's risking is peanuts in his world, but so is the 1.24 mil difference the dispute is over. 

If and when he does play, I think they will tend to use Glenn cautiously. Even though he'll be the #2 receiver, he won't be an every down receiver. He'll be used when the situation or matchup is most advantageous. They'll want to ensure as much as possible that he can go the duration, and I think they'll also want to give Hurd and Austin plenty of chances to gain experience and step up. But having Glenn there as a veteran receiver along with T.O. to help mentor them and set an example can only be good for them in the long term. I'm really excited to see what the younger receivers can do, but I will sure take Glenn in there to the fullest extent he can do it.

I can see a scenario that is both best for this year having the depth of an elite veteran receiver working across from T.O. with two dynamic third-year receivers to back him up, and best for the future as well, as the youngsters learn in the presence of dual greatness and the veterans help guide the transition to the next generation.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really hope that Terry Glenn has a productive season with the Dallas Cowboys, and goes out (if it is his last season) earning a ring. Only time will tell, but with this news, that seems a little more likely.

ps - check out this discussion (via DC Fanatic) between Galloway and Ed Werder on the subject of Joe Horn. Informative and amusing. At the end after all this discussion Werder finally says, "I still think the best solution is Terry Glenn." Galloway obviously disagrees, but when pressed he has to admit he'd rather have Terry Glenn than Joe Horn. 


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