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Terence Newman media blitz

Terence Newman has been on just about every medium ESPN has to offer over the last week.

If you aren’t checking out FanShots you might have missed his appearance on NFL Live. My boy DCFanatic posts lots of great videos down there in FanShots that you should be checking out like Newman’s appearance on that show. I’m giving DC a big thanks for dropping these videos on us; give him a shoutout in the FanShots comments if you enjoy the vids.

After Terence Newman did that bit he also did a fantasy football bit with ESPN. See below.

Just to finish out the Terence Newman ESPN media blitz, here’s a link to his chat held on Thursday.

A couple of interesting Q&A’s from the chat.

After answering that Terry Glenn was the toughest receiver he’s ever had to cover, he was asked incredulously:

Q: Terry Glenn? Really? You're just saying that.

Newman’s reply:

Terence Newman: Nah, he's one of the toughest receivers I have ever faced. He comes out of his breaks better than anybody in the league. He has cat-like quickness. He just understands the game.

How about one concerning Adam Jones and Anthony Henry.

Q: Mr. Newman, the Cowboys have a few really nice corners. Honestly who will get the nod on the other corner spot on your team? Adam Jones or Anthony Henry?

That’s our current poll question at BTB on the right-hand side of the blog. Newman’s reply:

Terence Newman: That's a tough question. Right now it is Anthony Henry over there. Injuries take place and you just never know. I don't know what the higher authorities are thinking. I think it is Ant's job to lose.

Thus ends out Terence Newman media blitz.


The training camp schedule is out. Nick Eatman covers it here


Friday, July 25 2:15-4:30PM (Shorts and Helmets)
Saturday, July 26 8:50-11:00AM and 3:15-5:00PM
Sunday, July 27 2:15-4:30PM
Monday, July 28 8:50-11:00AM and 3:15-5:00PM (Special Teams Practice PM)
Tuesday, July 29 2:15-4:30PM
Wednesday, July 30 8:50-11:00AM and 3:15-5:00PM
Thursday, July 31 2:15-4:30PM


Friday, August 1 8:50-11:00AM and 3:15-5:00PM
Saturday, August 2 2:15-4:30PM
Sunday, August 3 2:15-4:30PM
Monday, August 4 8:50-11:00AM and 3:15-5:00PM
Tuesday, August 5 2:15-4:30PM
Wednesday, Aug. 6 8:50-11:00AM and 3:15-5:00PM
Thursday, August 7 2:15-4:30PM
Friday, August 8 10:45AM
Monday, August 11 2:15-4:30PM (Special Teams)
Tuesday, August 12 10:45 AM

Hat tip to A Perfect Star for posting the link in this FanShot


Terry Glenn has rehired his agent and is talking to the Cowboys again.

BTB-regular scottmaui discusses this and other WR happenings in this FanPost.

What’s Tony Romo up to? Why, he’s golfing, of course. 

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