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Tuna still getting credit in Dallas


Uh oh, that Nick Eatman guy is stirring up trouble again. He has a theory that the start of the Cowboys rise back to prominence all began back in the spring of 2003. Recently I made reference to the draft of 2005 where Dallas picked up DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber among others as being one of the best drafts I’d seen in a while. Eatman mentions that too, but he sees some moves made in 2003 by some guy named Duane Charles Parcells as the big turning point. You might know him as Bill, or the Tuna.

Yup, Eatman is giving credit to the big guy for moves like re-signing Flozell Adams, trading for Terry Glenn, drafting Terence Newman, Jason Witten and Bradie James, and finally, but maybe most importantly – signing some undrafted kid named Tony Romo.

Who knew any of this would happen back in 2003?

No one for sure, but Parcells definitely gets the bulk of the credit for these acquisitions.

Oh no, time for the “it wasn’t the Tuna it was everybody else” debate to break out.

I still say that Bill Parcells was one of the best things to happen to this franchise and that Jerry made one of his smartest moves by hiring him. The Cowboys were in disarray and becoming a mockery before the Tuna came to town. He never won big like I wanted and expected him to but the franchise sure got a lot better during his time.

Thanks, Tuna. I’ll give you credit for your time here and what you left behind.

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