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Top ten moments of 2007: #6


#6: Marion Barber refuses to go down

Week 6: New England Patriots versus Dallas Cowboys

It was still close. After going down early, the Cowboys had battled back against the Patriots and were down 28-24 with just under five minutes remaining in the third quarter. Following a holding penalty the Cowboys were facing 1st and 20 from the ten yard line and the play called for what seemed to be a run off the left tackle. As soon as Marion Barber was handed the ball however, he found himself staring down a wall of three Patriots that had exploded into the backfield. What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

Starting at the lip of the end zone on the left side, Barber initially broke three tackles that pushed him back into the middle of the end zone. He then immediately sprinted to his right and avoided four more tackles on his way around the right edge and out of the end zone. In the end Barber managed to turn certain disaster into a two yard gain. It was one of the greatest runs you will ever see and is the perfect example of why in many circles Barber is said to be the hardest runner in the league to bring down. His tenacity and outright refusal to be tackled puts a charge in the team every time he touches the ball. If the Cowboys had given up a safety there it would have made a win against the Patriots nearly impossible.

Unfortunately the Cowboys were unable to capitalize on Barber's game saving run and punted the ball away two plays later. The Patriots went ahead by seven on a field goal and never looked back, winning 48-27. Despite the loss, that one amazing play by Barber provides a high point in the season for the Cowboys and will be a staple in football highlights for years to come.

Watch the play here.

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