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Tony Romo golf challenge; Andre Gurode fashion model and more...

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Let’s quickly dispense with the normal news from Valley Ranch. There is an OTA today and the media will be allowed to attend. We should get some good reports from Timmy Mac, the Breerman and the others over at the DMN blog.

Yesterday, Pacman Jones returned to a NFL practice field. You can read some of that story here, including Pacman’s big play.

"Our last play of practice, he coolly stepped up, made the play and took it all the way," owner Jerry Jones said. "He told me the other day he gets sore because he's really been pushing himself the last couple of weeks. But in our initial look at him, he's probably in as good of shape as anyone out there -- not ready to play football, but in good shape."

 Also, Greg Ellis is supposed to return to OTA’s today.

 Linebacker Greg Ellis did not show for the Cowboys' organized team activity workouts Tuesday, but he is expected to show up today, a source said.

Terry Glenn hasn’t passed his physical and the Cowboys are still pushing for him to sign a new contract with the injury waiver.  Coverage of the T.O. signing can be found here. JJT says that Jerry Jones has done all he can do to make the Cowboys a winner this year, now it’s up to Wade, the coaching staff and the players. In addition, the Cowboys are still working on an agreement with Ken Hamlin.

 The Cowboys have had recent discussions with the agent for safety Ken Hamlin, but upcoming changes to the collective bargaining agreement have made negotiations tricky.

If the sides cannot come to an agreement by July 15, Hamlin would have to play for the franchise tender worth $4.396 million. He would be unable to sign a long-term deal until the season ends.


OK, how about some offbeat news.

Tony Romo will be playing some golf on Friday that will be broadcast on TV Sunday. Recently, Tiger Woods said this:

On that day, Tiger proclaimed that no average 10-handicapper could break a score of 100 on a course set up in U.S. Open conditions. Numerous other PGA Tour golfers polled agree with Woods' sentiment.

On Friday, we're going to find out if they're right.

That’s right, Romo will play with Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer and an amateur with an 8-handicap to find out.

Golf Digest Magazine decided to take Tiger's proclamation and put it to a real test by forming ''The U.S. Open Challenge.'' They gathered three celebrities with low handicaps -- Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, NBC ''Today'' show co-anchor Matt Lauer, and singer Justin Timberlake to test their golf skills at Torrey Pines under near Open conditions.

Romo's competitive fire is showing through prior to tee time. To heck with breaking 100, he says he'd be disappointed if he doesn't break 80, before adding that if the wind is blowing off the ocean ''you can add a big number to that.''

Romo’s confidence is never in question. You can read ESPN’s take on Romo’s chances here , including this bottom line.

In layman's terms, Romo is a baller on the course, not just the gridiron.
Prediction: 95

Julius Jones is hatin’ on the Cowboys. Here is his reaction to the benching in the playoffs at the end of the season.

"It was just a feeling of disgust," said the man who had started 39 consecutive regular-season games for the Cowboys.


"I definitely have a chip on my shoulder," he said. "I'm going to carry it every single year, every single practice, every single game. It's not going anywhere until I can prove what kind of back that I am and kind of redeem myself from the embarrassment that they have kind of put me through."

A Miami paper has a breakdown on all the Cowboys turned Dolphins here. It includes Anthony Fasano, Jason Ferguson, Akin Ayodele, Keith Davis and Nate Jones. Here’s a taste:

Ayodele: A Cowboys insider said coach Wade Phillips didn't like him because he wasn't a playmaker. After four seasons as an outside linebacker for Jacksonville, he had just one sack in two years as an inside LB in Dallas, and his tackles dropped from 84 in '06 to 57 in '07.

Ocho Cinco won’t give up on the dream of playing in Dallas (or Philly). 

"If I can get out of Cincinnati, the sky's the limit," Johnson told ESPN the Magazine. "What could I do in a place like Philadelphia or Dallas? It would be ridiculous. It's gonna be like a whole new me, like Ocho Cinco 2.0."

 Andre Gurode, fashion model? Don’t laugh – it’s true.

Shauna Tisdale, CEO of Diva Glam, Inc. introduces "Diva Glam Flawless Glamour Fashion Soiree", a new series of fashion shows featuring plus sized models and NFL players. The shows will travel to various cities promoting plus-sized fashions and breast cancer awareness.

That’s right Andre Gurode has agreed to be one of the models and he definitely fits the bill of plus-sized.

The Titans media and fans will be tracking the progress of Pacman Jones just like the Philly contingent did with T.O. Here’s a column on the Cowboys efforts to protect Pacman from trouble from a Tennessee paper, 

Now why didn't the Titans think of that?

Upon further review, the Titans handled this properly. Either you trust your players or you don't. If you're paying a guy millions of dollars to play football and keep his nose clean, you expect him to stay off the police blotter and out of the headlines.

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