Romo plays Torrey Pines with contest winner & other celebs...

Can Tony Romo (scratch), Justin Timberlake (3), or Matt Lauer (6) break 100 at Torrey Pines?


Tiger Woods laid down the gauntlet, saying "If you're a 10-handicapper, there is no way you're breaking 100 out there. If you played all out on every shot, there is no way.
You just have to be so patient and on top of that you've got to be strong coming out of the rough and you've got to have unbelievable touch on the greens. Most 10-handicappers I know don't have that."

Well, Tony Romo (scratch), Justin Timberlake (3), and Matt Lauer (6) will get their chance (along with a 10 handicapper)at Torrey Pines, with the U.S. Open setup.

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Romo proves to be class of celebrity foursome at Torrey Pines



A year ago, Woods said at Oakmont CC, site of the 2007 U.S. Open, that a 10-handicap couldn't break 100 there. That became the challenge for a foursome of single-digit amateurs who played the South Course at Torrey Pines, site of the 2008 U.S. Open next week, largely from the back tees Friday.

The damage report: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (whose handicap index is 2.2) shot a 13-over-par 84; pop star Justin Timberlake (a 6.0) shot 98; "Today" host Matt Lauer (a 6.2) shot 100; and John Atkinson (an 8.1) -- who was chosen from a pool of 56,000 contest entrants nationwide -- shot 114.


Romo, clearly the best player in the group and one who has entered U.S. Open qualifiers, was in thick rough off the tee at 18 and swung as hard as he could with a sand wedge and advanced the ball only about 20 feet and into a fairway bunker.




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