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The Story of Pacman

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JJT gives you the Story of Pacman . Instead of trying to excerpt parts of it and comment, I say just go over and read it, then tell us what you think.


A breakdown of the NFC East with this blurb on the ‘Boys. 

Questions: Will coach Wade Phillips control this team and get it to play to its potential? His job may depend on it. Will QB Tony Romo play as well in the postseason as he does in the regular season? Unable to trade for a top-flight veteran to pair with Terrell Owens, are the Cowboys good enough at wide receiver? Will Pacman stay out of trouble if reinstated?


The GM over in Chicago was getting grilled about players, including Cedric Benson. Then a fan asked about the release of a current Cowboy

A fan asked about the release three years ago of left tackle Marc Colombo, the oft-injured first-round draft pick who since has flourished with the Dallas Cowboys.

"In reality, I feel a whole lot better looking at [rookie] Chris Williams and John Tait as our two tackles than if Marc Colombo were still here," Phillips said.

If you say so.


Euro 2008 is the big soccer tournament going on right now in Europe and is being co-hosted by Austria. What’s this got to do with the Cowboys? 

How many Austrians have scored the winning goals against England at Wembley and won an NFL Superbowl title? One more than you might have imagined. Toni Fritsch - or 'Wembley Toni' as he was affectionately know thanks to his two goals in a 3-2 win there in 1965 - had won several league titles with Rapid Vienna before the Dallas Cowboys came calling in 1971.


Roy Williams, the Detroit one, is constantly being asked about his future, including possibly with Dallas

"I get that all day, especially when I'm back at home," Williams told the Detroit Free Press last week. "Dallas, Dallas, Dallas. Trade Roy Williams for Roy Williams. When are you going to be a Cowboy? I'm going to have to deal with that until I sign something here or become a free agent somewhere else."


Zach Thomas has a sideline business. 


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