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Past Cowboys watching out for Pacman Jones

Peter King has the following comment on Pacman Jones and his prospects for a Goodell-free regular season. 

6. I think everyone laughs when I say this, but it's 100 percent true: The best thing that could happen (and it is happening) to Pacman Jones is the influence of Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin. Sanders and Irvin will see to it that Jones stays out of trouble. Mark my words.

I love Irvin and Sanders. Those guys were huge for the Cowboys in the 90’s and they did a lot towards shaping and maintaining that dynasty run. At that time though, if you told me that either of those two would become mentors to athletes and help them stay out of trouble, I would’ve recommended a fitting for a strait-jacket while asking what color scheme you prefer for the padded cell. Irvin had plenty of problems along the same lines as Pacman, maybe even more considering the drug problem, but sometimes is takes a sinner to help the sinner. Irvin has definitely cleaned up his act and is doing all the right things now. Sanders was never in trouble like Pacman or Playmaker and I want to make that perfectly clear before anybody feels the need to point that out to me. But during his playing days, especially early on, Deion was thought of as a me-first guy. He wasn’t a problem-child like Irvin or Pacman but he didn’t seem like he was on the career path of mentor to struggling athletes, either.

Just maybe they can show Pacman the shortcut towards redemption.

Star_medium has another version of the "Keon Lattimore is the little brother of Ray Lewis" story. Not much new there but Keon is sure going to have a hard time making this roster. Surprisingly, he chose to sign with Dallas even though they had just drafted Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. Big brother Ray even endorsed that idea. I don’t know all the other teams that were interested but Keon’s got his work cutout for him if he’s somehow going to get in the mix with MB3, El Gato, Choice and even practice-squadder Alonzo Coleman.


Bucky Brooks with some thoughts on the T.O. signing and what the Cowboys are trying to do with Terry Glenn. First, here’s a couple of insider comments on T.O.

"Typically, you shy away from paying a premium for older players because their performance has a tendency to fall off dramatically," says an AFC personnel executive. But at least one AFC scout applauded Dallas for paying the guy who makes their offense go, saying, "Conventional wisdom says that you avoid paying an older receiver, but his value to their team is significant and justifies the size of the deal."

His value to the team is right. We aren’t even close to being the powerhouse offense that we currently are without T.O. The end of last season showed that in detail.

What about Glenn?

Glenn has balked at signing the settlement, but has little leverage. "If he hits the streets, he is likely looking at a 'split-contract' on a veteran minimum contract [$830,000],"said the AFC personnel executive. "This is his best chance to make significant money as a veteran."

There you go. As I said before, the Cowboys had to be willing to go ‘all-in’ with Glenn and run the risk of cutting him if they want Glenn to sign the injury waiver. Now that they have made that clear, Glenn is the one without leverage, not the Cowboys. I expect him to sign it soon.

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