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Sources: Terrell Owens to undergo more stringent drug tests

Per ESPN, Terrell Owens will be subject to more frequent and random tests for performance enhancing drugs. This is due to Owens failing to respond to phone calls to set up a random test last month.

Owens was placed in the program because he missed day-of telephone calls to set up random tests, the sources said. A player that misses a test can be subject to disciplinary action, but because Owens had a "plausible" explanation, league administrators decided he would not be suspended or fined.

Instead, Owens can now be randomly tested for performance enhancers up to a maximum of 24 annual screenings, and these additional screenings can be required, if the NFL chooses to do so, for the remainder of his NFL career.

This is what Owens was dealing with in New York last week when he missed the OTA on Tuesday and had to fly in for his press conference.

All told, this really is not a big deal provided that Owens never tests positive. The article pointed out that Owens has already tested negative from a test administered after the ruling came down from the league.

UPDATE: You can the DMN story here.

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