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Miles Austin making his move?

Miles Austin seems to be the man of the moment. We’ve always known that physically he has the goods to be a dominant receiver, he possesses size and speed. It’s been his hands and understanding of the position that has held him back. Could this be the year that he breaks out? The expectations are there that he might fulfill the three-year rule for players in general but especially for receivers who have always been notoriously slow in grasping the pro game. 

Cowboys sources have been impressed with the development of Miles Austin, who made a few impressive plays in minicamp and could push Patrick Crayton at some point. Austin steadily has improved as a wideout and has good enough size to be a factor in the red zone, as opponents key on Terrell Owens and Jason Witten.

The Cowboys wide receivers continue to draw a lot of speculation. We know that T.O. is the main man and will be the #1. It’s pretty safe to assume that Patrick Crayton will start again this year and try to rise to the level of a solid #2. Of course, Terry Glenn’s contract status and knee could change that although I’m not positive that even if he returns the Cowboys won’t limit his plays in an effort to keep him healthy. After that, you have the steady but unspectacular Sam Hurd, then comes the "potential guys" – Miles Austin and Isaiah Stanback.

If you assume that Glenn will be on the roster in 2008 then it’s likely that the Cowboys will enter the season with the same group that suited up last year. The top four – including Glenn – appear to be locks for the roster. I would also say that Stanback is close to a lock as the Cowboys are still looking at their project receiver in terms of future development and not necessarily production for this year. That’s not to say that Stanback couldn’t surprise this year and make a quantum leap in development. But either way, I can’t imagine a scenario where they are ready to give up on him in this training camp. That leaves Austin as the wildcard and a guy who probably needs to produce in camp and in the preseason to lock down his spot.

If Glenn is not on the team in 2008 then that would leave a spot open for one of the new guys to join the list of six receivers on the 53-man roster. Danny Amendola has been the guy with the most press clippings competing for that spot but Mark Bradford or QB-turned-WR Daniel Polk could stake their claim also. I’m guessing that Amendola would emerge from that group but I’d admit I have no real evidence for that assumption. The one thing I would say is that he might be the guy who we couldn’t slide onto the practice squad so that could play in his favor. But if Bradford or Polk outperforms him in camp, then he could easily be let go. If Glenn is not on the roster going into camp, who do you have as the sixth guy? Or do you envision a scenario where one of the other five guys gets knocked out of the box?

Star_medium has a transcript of a T.O. interview with a radio station. Most of it is standard stuff but I thought his explanation of why George Teague nailed him when he trampled on the star all those years ago was interesting. 

And you had no idea that George Teague was coming after you?

OWENS: Honestly, I didn't. The thing is, it wasn't a matter . . . When Teague went after me, I'm telling you right now, listen to me close. It wasn't the fact that I scored and I ran to that star, if you actually get that tape out and review the tape - a play or two before that happened, there was a run play down in the red zone - and I blocked him and I pancaked him. And he didn't like that. That was an opportunity for him to get back at me. I guarantee you it had nothing to do with the fact that I ran to that star.


Another article on Tony Romo and his potential endorsement deal with Starter. It’s a pretty lucrative deal. Starter doesn’t have a contract with the NFL meaning Romo couldn’t wear there gear on the field and they couldn’t even use his image in uniform for ads. So why are they going after Romo?

Industry sources said Starter was interested in signing Romo as an endorser because he is the quarterback of the high-profile Cowboys, who like Starter have a blue-and-white star as their symbol, and because of his romantic link to celebrity Jessica Simpson.

Ha! And we thought is was Jessica using Romo to help her career!

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