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We're still the ones


When it comes to getting eyeballs watching the screen, the NFL knows where its bread is buttered.

There are, however, four teams that even the NFL does not believe have a shot to reach the Super Bowl: Atlanta, Kansas City, Miami and St. Louis. Those are the only four teams that were not scheduled any prime-time national television games this season. There are four prime-time slots: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Only one NFL team was assigned to play on all four of those days – the Cowboys.

Bring on the haters, ‘cause everybody knows there’s no team in the NFL that consistently produces the ratings like the Dallas Cowboys.


We talked about it before, but here’s another version of the "Wade better win big this year because Jason Garrett is looking good for the future and Jerry has to open Jerry World next season" story. Coaches on the hot seat:

1. Wade Phillips, Cowboys. Coaches from playoff teams aren't usually on the hot seat. Then again, not many coaches preside over teams that haven't won a playoff game since 1996, are expected to go to the Super Bowl in 2008 and have the next head coach, Jason Garrett, ready to step in at a moment's notice.

Wade Phillips has the temperament to withstand the pressure. Besides, he's no stranger to being fired. But it doesn't make the pressure any less real.

So if the Cowboys don't make the postseason, or if they don't win a game or two once they get there, Wade won't be back in 2009.

Can’t say I disagree with that.

Hat tip to the DMN blog for the link.


Mickey spends a lot of ink defending Romo from the haters. Although I really don’t know who he’s defending Romo from, we’re just saying he has to win in the postseason to make that next leap to the Brady/Manning level.


Nick Eatman has a good rundown of Jerry’s shifting opinion on Terry Glenn’s likelihood of being on the team.  

Here’s Jerry on Glenn in late-April:

"We saw really good stuff from here out here," Jones said. "You can talk about what he is and what he can do, but you just have to see it. He's back here, he's doing all the kind of things . . . you can't tell by that. He would be a progress-stopper if he were here and you had 10-percent odds. So if we didn't think that he didn't have a chance to be everything we wanted him to be, then we wouldn't have him back here. It would push back the progress of the other receivers. But we're seeing everything we need to see. He's out here working with the quarterbacks. He's out here, and we're seeing it."

Here’s Jerry on Glenn last week:

"What I should be looking at is how he fits as a player this year," Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "That is what this is about. It's not about my will against Terry's will. "Terry is someone I have a lot of interest in," Jones said. "We have worked good together. It was part of what Terry Glenn is about when we extended his contract."

Probably a negotiations tactic.

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