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Tony Romo pairs up with Michael Jordan


There’s a big celebrity golf tournament going on in Tahoe this weekend. You knew that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo would show up for that event. I watched the highlights of him playing in the U.S. Open challenge last month and the guy has a nice swing and is pretty steady on the greens. Of course, they didn’t show too much of his round because he was too good to be interesting, it was obvious he was going to break the 100-stroke barrier right from the start. In fact, he shot 84 on a regulation U.S. Open golf course. That’s pretty darn good for a U.S. Open course - where the rough is deep, the greens slick, and the nerves shattered - as Don Johnson’s character said in Tin Cup.

On Wednesday Romo played a practice round and he was paired up with His Airness, the great one, Michael Jordan. 

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan played in the same group during a practice round on Wednesday, and without a doubt the pair drew the largest gallery of the day.

Even though Romo is a big star and an athlete of renown in his own right, playing with MJ must be an extra-special event. Still, Romo got a little ribbing about his other partner.

But one fan wasn’t there to see Romo, whose girlfriend Jessica Simpson is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrities.

"Hey, I am Jessica Simpson fan, where is she?" the fan asked. "I’m not here to see you."

The remark sparked a reaction from Romo, who smiled in the man’s direction and continued across the driving range.

One of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrities? Is this where American pop culture has gone?

Romo, being the competitor as always, was going to let this moment of playing with MJ pass by without getting a little advice

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said new players should try to play better than he did last year. Romo finished 11th in 2007, in his first appearance at the tournament. He said you have to golf really well to have a chance of winning.

"I'm picking the brains of half the guys out here," Romo said. "Today, I'm playing with Jordan. He's going to hate me by the end of the day."

Can you just see Romo bugging MJ about what it takes to be the best?

But there are just some questions that Romo shouldn’t answer. Like when he was asked his three favorite IPod tunes

Romo named Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," (which he serenaded Simpson with during a night out recently"] ), and Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine."

OK, we can let those pass. How about the third?

As for his final pick, the football star said with a blush and a smile: "Something by Jessica Simpson."



Star_medium covers the return of Hudson Houck to the Cowboys. 

You can watch a mini-video of T.O. working out with the kid campers yesterday.  For more on T.O.’s camp, go here. He said the same thing about success and failure for the Cowboys this year that I said about a week ago on this here blog. When asked about winning the Super Bowl this year, Owens said:

"In order to do that we’ve got to make the playoffs, and we’ll do that," he said. "After that, 1-A is win a playoff game."

1-A is win a playoff game. Hallelujah! Worry about the rest after that.

You can vote on the Cowboys greatest games ever for some video over at

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