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Tony Romo in contention after falling on his butt - literally

Our boy Tony Romo is in second place at the Tahoe celebrity golfing tournament. Today is the final round that, according to this article, will be shown on NBC today from noon to 3 PM PST. Romo had a little trouble at the start of his round on Saturday.

Romo took a spill in a pond on the first hole after losing his awkward footing on a steep bunker shot, but rebounded to increase his total to 43 points, while his girlfriend, actress-singer Jessica Simpson, watched from the gallery.

Romo’s main squeeze, her sister and new husband all showed up to cheer him on.

Meanwhile, this guy is a hater extraordinaire. If you want to get your blood boiling a little bit, read this.

Here’s a taste:

[Romo’s] going to find a way to make himself the center of attention while showing the lack of smarts that stops him from ever winning a single playoff game.


Dave Campo, he of the infamous wetsuit, is back as a coach in Big D. Thankfully, those 5-11 seasons that followed him around should be a thing of the past. Plus, as the new secondary coach, he walked right into a plethora of cornerbacks, the likes of which we haven’t seen in Dallas in quite a while.

"Well, I don't know what's going to happen, but I know we've got some guys that can play," Campo said of his cornerbacks. "We've got seven, maybe even eight cornerbacks that I know can play in this league. That means we might have two or three of those guys not make it. That's going to make for some outstanding competition. And that's what you want this time of year."

 And what about Roy?

 "I still think Roy is a tremendous football player," Campo said. "Sometimes a player goes through a period of time when he's not playing as well or not meeting expectations. But I know he's still a great player. It's just funny really. All of a sudden, everybody thinks he can't play. That's a bunch of baloney."

Campo did some moonlighting as a head coach recently. 

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